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Book Review: Sherlock Holmes In Orbit, part 2

Sherlock Holmes In Orbit edited by M/ike Resnick and Martin H. Greenberg, part 2

The Adventure Of The Second Scarf

Hanging out with Holmes is a high-risk, low-reward activity for Watson. An alien asks Holmes for help. Watson never has his opinions listened to. This isn't greatly successful. Watson's stolid dutifulness bores. This is not a sincere effort. Holmes is pretentious and devestatingly rude.

Best Lines:

“Are you up for a tramp?”

“You have, of course, missed everything of interest,”

The Phantom Of The Barbary Coast

Mycroft gives orders. Irene Adler is involved. This was inarguably unreadable. Weird assumptions are made in this devastatingly bad story. People are deferential to Holmes will.

Best Line:

“Some things are more easily forgiven than others.”

Mouse And The Master

Chandler helps Holmes. One does not look at this fondly and admiringly. This parody was poo. Watson is mocked. This has no cultural relevancy. This panders to the worst inclinations of readers.

Best Lines:

“He wasn't of the Wilde sort,”

“A dame who resembled some lost Bronte sister who had spent the last twenty years locked in some attic somewhere.”

Two Roads, No Choices

Time travellers ask for help about the Titanic. Sigh. This career scuttling mess is a relentless litany of crap.

The Richmond Enigma

Holmes and Watson encounter The Time Machine. This was unrelentingly awful.

Best Line:

“Found this state of affairs as repugnant as any decent man would.”

A Study In Sussex

The bees! The bees! The author does not cover himself in glory.”

The Holmes Team Advantage

Stolen dogs are the plot of this huge disappointment.

Best Lines:

“Is that a body?”

“If not, it bears a strong resmblance to one.”

Alimentary, My Dear Watson

Holmes meets Alice In Wonderland, again. This was filler.

The Future Engine


Holmes Ex Machina

A company called Vid-Tech and people watch holos and have Vidtables. People create a hologram of Holmes and this was rubbish.

The Sherlock Solution


The Fan Who Molded Himself

CompuServ and GEnie are mentioned. The phrase timebelt is used unironically.

Second Fiddle

This was an absolute bloody disgrace.

Best Line:

“The kind of bookish intellectual girl who sat quietly in the back of the room and ramained unnoticed even after twelve years with the same classmates.”

Moriarty By Modem


The Greatest Detective Of All Time

Sherlock Holmes on Mars. No.

The Case Of The Purloined L'isitek


The Case Of The Illegal Alien

Holmes doesn't work in the future. The word WorldNet is used. FFS.

Dogs, Masques, Love, Death: Flowers

I've no idea what this was about.

You See But You Do Not Observe

I've read this before. It's absurd.


Oh come on.

The Adventure Of The Pearly Gates

Were the editors on crack?

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