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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Arrow' 8x07 promo

Stop whining Oliver!

'A Holiday Reunion' ad

ET comes back 40 years later to visit Henry Thomas. AW?

Caramel & Sea Salt butter fudge – yum.

Gluten free Millionaire's Shortbread – yum.

Dark chocolate with cocoa nibs & sea salt – yum.

RIP Clive James.

I never ate at Rhodes D7.

I miss Canada Dry.

I won't read 'Bad Seed'.

Who saw 'Dead Presidents' or 'Menace II Society'?

Latest 'Supergirl' news – yeah right.

'Sky News' Quote:

“Much in dispute here.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“ADHD stuff.”

“Falling backwards down the hill.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Took that badly.”

“Blame figure.”

“Under-appreciated in Britian.”

'RTE News' Quote;

“Holding to account.”

'Murder In The Bush' Quotes:

“Telling tales of evil men who dress in white.”

“It's just a hole.”

“Elderly white liver-spotted men.”

“A real-life Rambo.”

“Never did nothing.”

“They would not listen at all.”

“The rantings of a person who is losing her mind.”

“Allowed to live.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Great pillars of human achievement.”

“That he refused to apologise for any of this.”

“Cold, unwelcoming island.”

“The food is unnaturally lurid and laid on scarlet tablecloths.”

“Hideously kitsch.”

“Strategic grain reserves.”

“Encouraged to attempt these if their talents lie in that direction.”

“One of those Star Trek episodes in which they find themselves on a planet fashioned from the tropes of 20th century popular culture.”

“Owes no duty to history or to what were then current affairs.”


“Telly was suitable only for dim children and lower orders.”

“Sounds like a man whose trousers are on fire,”

“Terrifies all our country daily...”

“Second-tier cities.”

“Surge capacity.”

“Asset protection.”

“Have them handed down generation after generation.”

'Celebrity Antiques Road Trip' Quotes:

“Miscreant catching.”

“Police restraint training.”

'Fair City' Quote:

“I have a reputation around here.”

'Incarnate' Quotes:

“As if Stuart's opinion mattered.”

“That seemed profoundly meaningful.”

“A chat show hostess whose sole distinction was to sound less intelligent than any of her guests.”

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