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Supergirl 5x06 + The Name Of The Rose 1x05&1x06 + Gold Digger 1x03 Reviewed

Confidence Women

The best (and only good ep of this season so far). Andrea works for Leviathan. This season has been atrocious and disastrous. Lena has had a challenging and traumatic life. Andrea tries to 'rescue' someone. Flashbacks show Andrea and Lena's friendship. Lena has a resentment that seems very dangerous.

People have dark purposes. Alex wears a spy catsuit and is a twit. Andrea stole Lena's boyfriend and was a liar and a bad friend. There are unpleasant events. Andrea connives at cruelty. Lena has sinister intentions and lingering ill feeling. Andrea and Lena bonded as teens at boarding school over 'Titanic'. Where was Roulette in the flashbacks?

There is a Lord industry mention. Andrea and Leviathan ruined it. Argentinas speak English. Lex and Lena had a falling out over Superman. An uncredited Jon Cryer makes a cameo. Steven Bauer is caked in fake tan as Andrea's depressive loser dad. Superman only emerged 5 years ago.

Lena wanted to save Lex and Andrea ruined that with her selfishness. Andrea's selfishness caused her to be trapped by Leviathan. Andrea lied to Lena and Andrea wore a stolen magic medallion in front of Lena. Andrea kills someone at Leviathan's behest. Andrea's awful. The magic medallion serves no purpose. Lena avenges herself on Andrea,

Rip Roar is a stupid bad guy name. Rip Roar dies. Andrea learns her super-powers came from her being inherently evil. This was good. Now that he's gone bust – where is Maxwell Lord?

Best Lines:

“I refuse to ruin you.”

“We're not friends.”

“We used to be.”

“If I don't help you murder Superman you're firing me?”

“Ancient alien element.”

“In desperate need of a worthy adversary.”

“You are who we say you are.”

“Our friendship was the curse.”

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The Name Of The Rose 1x05&1x06

Monks eat well. Adso is suspected. There is mumbling. Adso shags a woman. There are menacing people and people debate. WTF is going on? Monks fist fight. There is glowering, self harm and weirdness. Abuse is overlooked. This is so bad.

Best Lines:

“Stink of the devil.”

“Idiots and malefactors.”

Gold Digger 1x03

Julia's slutty ex-bff lurks. Julia berates her for never saying sorry for stealing her husband. The horrible ex-bff does not say sorry. Julia's wretched children try to blow up her and Ben's relationship. Ben smugs. Ben gets money out of older women. Julia and Ben fight near a bonfire and later a cliff. Julia's snotty youngest son cosies up to his bastard father to get revenge on Julia. Ted is an ass to his mistress. Ted poisons everything. Julia is angry at her loser youngest son. Ben moves in and is showered with gifts.This was tiresome.

Best Lines:

“My bastard.”

“They're exceptionally protective of their mother.”

“With good reason in your case.”

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