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Arrow 8x04 + Krypton 2x09 + The I-Land 1x04-1x07 Reviewed

Present Tense

William and Mia are in their past aka the present. Oddly Oliver spends no time with his present son and instead broods over his future son and daughter. Diggle's rude to Connor. People learn that Oliver lied to everyone and that Mia exists. Connor is ignored. Where are Slade and his eldest son? Grant Wilson his youngest son shows up, he should be 12 and not an adult.

Oliver abandoned his children numerous times and claims to have have been right to do so. Oliver claims to have known about William's inclinations, you weren't around to notice! Oliver mumbles and spies on Slade. There was no creative quality in this ep. Curtis shows up to bore. Mia's stupid. This was tensionless. Grant Wilson lurks, played by the same actor who played him in 'Legends Of Tomorrow'.

This was not terrifyingly compelling. Grant Wilson looks older than he did when the LOT saw him in 2046. Renee learns his daughter dies in the future. Diggle learns JJ goes bad. Grant should be 12 and not played by the adult Jamie Andrew Cutler. There is a dark influence. Oliver justifies himself.

Oliver doesn't apologise for abandoning William. Black Siren gets an offer. Grant Wilson is locked up, nobody cares about redeeming him. WHERE IS SLADE?

Best Lines:

“A terrible place.”

“I chose right!”

“This is the beginning of the future!”

“How many?”


“Future be damned.”

“Make Star City great again.”

Blood Moon

Zod has a maniacal ego. Doomsday wanders around. This ep has limited artistic abilities. Will Adam Strange go away? I've no idea what is going on. Krypton's moon blows up in the sour ending.

Best Lines:

“Learn to fear us.”

“Not worthy of your loyalty.”

Many Goodly Creatures/The Cloud Capp'd Towers/The Great Globe Itself/The Dark Backward

I skimmed these eps. There is no increasing intensity. People have visions of their past crimes. There are reveals and no just no. The end 'twist' is dumb.

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