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Sons of Anarchy Season 1 Ep 2 Review


The SOA have a problem with some dead bodies and a cop with “a Wyatt Earp complex”. Jax suggests a no-violent solution to the problem, but his solution rapidly gets violent. The SOA have a problem with aggression and the fact that some people in town don’t get that life with the SOA around is fun. The SOA are unpleasant people but there are worse people out there.

Wendy (Drea De Matteo) is alive and Jax visits her and still finds time to bed a SOA groupie. Donna, the put upon wife of Opie, wants to distance herself from the SOA. Which won’t work. Enemies of the SOA are gathering. Gemma and her 1996 hairdo has a stare down with Tara.

Gemma hosts a dinner for the SOA and their families. There is a hint that Gemma’s dalliance with her new husband began before her first one died. Way before. I wonder if they will do a: who is Jax’s daddy plot? It ends with a Dusty Springfield musical montage. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Everything comes round Gemma, no-one is untouchable.”

“You’re white trash thugs holding onto a dying dream.”
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