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Z Nation 5x01 + Supergirl 5x05 + Star Trek Voyager 3x09 + Gold Digger 1x02 + The Magicians 4x07-4x09

Welcome To the Newpocalypse

How did anything survive the black rain? Warren somehow survives a plane crash and is rescued. This season made no sense. Nat Zang was robbed of a plot, AGAIN. Mario Van Peebles makes an apperance as Warren's new love interest. Warren's hair turns from white to black from scene to scene with no word of explanation.

I'm not interested in what they say or do. Warren feels wary obligation to Van Peebles. Warren has cold resolve. This season lost the show's fascinating and odd aspects that made it increidbly compelling. The abuse, control, horror and violence visited upon 10k by Murphy throughout season 3 is ignored and swept under the rug.

This was inadequate. Societal breakdown goes on. More people have joined the gang. Things are said without thought. How is anything growing or alive after the nukes in season 1 or the black rain in season 4? Murphy says he and Warren have a bond. He ignores his bond with 10k who he made into a blend in season 3.

Zombies are changing. Warren romances. She accepts kindness. Is her zombie husband still out there? Why did 10k wave goodbye to Murphy?!? The inevitable cancellation was coming at this point. Season 5 was misguided. Murphy's ongoing attachment to 10k is gone. Warren needs to till more land. There is no grief theory in z-world. Selfishness is etched forever in Murphy's heart.

There is an uncertain changing narrative. Complacent assumptions change. Warren needs a tractor. Zombies get run over by said tractor. A crow caws. Murphy is non-compliant. George the alleged moral leader shows up. I hate her showkilling self.

Chaotic events happen. George the show killer bores. Season 3 is a long forgotten trauma for 10k. This was not a dark void of pure cosmic terror. Zombies are now talkers. This keeps you mildly entertained. Survival is all, morals be damned. Warren's man candy keeps a secret in his locked barn. The even more useless Dante shows up. George plans a vote. WHAT were TPTB thinking when they came up with George and Dante? Nobody CARED!

Best Lines:

“Pre Z.”

“Why has everything always got to be our fault?”

“Because we do stupid sh*t.”

“You seem worried.”

“I am.”

“Things got bad.”

“Part of something great.”

“All are welcome. United we live. Divided we turn.”

Dangerous Liasions

Shut up William. Brainy, Alex and Kara are twits. There is bad acting and William is the worst. This show is broken.

Best Lines:

“What Lex Luthor failed to do.”

“A flood unseen since the time of Noah's Ark!”

“They're not the villains?”

“Omnipresnt as one of our plagues or floods.”

Future's End part 2

There is no enigmatic adversary or moral ambiguity. This was unexciting and logic light. The doctor gets his holo-emitter. The fact Janeway and co are foiled by the show's lamest ever baddie and meet preppers is ridic. The doctor gaslights Rain. The status quo is god as the reset button is hit.

Best Lines:

“Hand me a burrito.”

“Only you B'elanna could start a brawl in astro-theory 101.”

“Mr lesiure suit.”

Gold Digger 1x02

Ted the awful ex lurks like bad smell. Ted mocks Julia. What's Ben up to? Someone random woman rants, turns out she is Julia's daughter. Julia's eldest son is a twit and spies on Ben. Ted rants. The daughter has issues. Is Ben a cheater? Yawn.

Best Lines:

“I don't look back, there's nothing good there.”

“Always something to wreck.”

“Follow him? Are you on crack?”

“Dire character traits.”

“You're giving me life advice?”

“Her man child.”

The Side Effect


Best Lines:

“Lurking in a dark pantry.”

“Side characters.”

Home Improvement

The annoying snowflakes whine and have idiot plot arcs. Poppy returns. Back show killer! Alice's mother is a tool. Margo bores. A real Mother Of Dragons shows up. Penny bores. Q acts crazy. Alice and her pee coloured hair whines. Margo will be overthrown. Yawn.

Best Lines:

“Shut your lie-gina!”

“Dragons are just fancy fish!”

The Serpent

Alice is not liked. Hedge witches rebel. The deaf women didn't die in the mirror in season 3. Margo shrieks as she is overthrown. Oh go away.

Best Lines:

“Mind prison.”

“I won't exist unless you love me!”

“Waste of a life.”

“That's not weird at all.”


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