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Movie Reviews: Captive State + Holiday Wishes + The Collapsed 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

Captive State (2019)

This flop stars John Goodman and Vera Farmiga. 9 years ago alien invaded and there was surrender, panic and the military was shut down and all tech outlawed. Now it is 2027 and aliens rule. All cities are under military control. Closed zones in each city are where the aliens hang out. A resistance plots without internet or mobile phones. Oddly pay phones and newspapers still exist.

This film had a good trailer (which gave away way too much plot) and this film while intriguing goes into a slow, steady and relentless decline. There is no visceral dread just rapidly deteriorating interest. This was not darkly fascinating and there are fraught dynamics. The plot is oddly and very close to that of 'Colony'.

There is no impressive ingenuity. There is bitter regret and relentlessly bleak things. The trailer made this film look very different. The aliens have reasons that nobody knows or seems willing to discuss.

The aliens had medical schools and churches closed down. The resistance are ragtag. There is a survelliance state. The vfx are bad. Mysterious things go on. Gabriel and some idiot plot, the idiot and Gabriel's girlfriend later vanish from the film without explanation. People are implanted with tracking bugs that are alive. There is mumbling and Gabriel's brother wears a fur coat, way to be inconspicious. I've no idea what is going on or why.

There are random backstory hints. An ex-priest is in the Resistance and fencing the churches chalices. His former church is seen all empty and dusty. The US national anthem has changed. Alan Ruck, Kevin J. O'Connor, D.B. Sweeney and Ben Daniels of 'The Exorcist' co star. The aliens are finally seen and they look DUMB. The ending changes everything. This was not good sadly.

Best Lines:

“Accepted unconditionally all terms of armstice offered.”


“They don't exist.”

“That's what we said about aliens.”

“Get past what's out there.”

“I don't exist anymore.”

“Bad times coming.”

“Their ship crashed too.”

“No one gets taken alive.”

“They're bringing in hunters this time from off planet.”

“Dying rock.”

“Unnecessary noise.”

“I said I want a lawyer.”

“You and I both know those days are gone.”

Holiday Wishes (2006)

Amber Benson and Gwynth Walsh star in this yawner.

The Collapsed (2011)

This post-apoc Canadian horror is bad. A stupid family try to survive. There is a limitation of talent and ability here. There are no dangerous possibilites or desperate fear. This was not darkly vicious. Female characters are incapable of understanding anything. There is no way it can end happy. Women have sneering attiudes.

There is no constant worry or fatigue or careful forethought or social solidarity or absolute vigilance. Characters suddenly die and nobody cares that much. There was constant bad acting. What ended society? Something never explained did. There is Hollywood darkness.

This was ill considered, there is no mourning and this was so bad it is egregiously offensive. People are in negative mode. Is something serious awry with their worldview? Evil wishers stomp through the woods. People are ill-kempt. One is not satisfied. There is total ignorance of what is going on. The plot is a vague concept.

Adverse events take place. There is no tangible meaning just more death and life threatening stupidity. This was futile, dull and awful. This was very very wrong and incredibly pointless. People are perpetually put-upon and sensorily assaulted. This might as well be called: Psycho Dad The Movie. Bad things are the result of bad choices.

There is serious moral cuplpability. This causes no especial delight as it is too inept. People see morality as a plague from which humanity has to free itself. There is stupid music and shouting and roaring. This was ultimately unsuccessful with no tense moments. There is massive gurning and an obvious 'twist'. Dad importuned. This was dispiriting and not interesting.

Best Lines:

“How far is it?”

“Far enough.”

“Make it all that way on foot?”

“We have to.”

“Is that all life is now?”

“Do I look infected to you?!?”

“Took people from me too.”

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