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Hellmouth Issue 2 + Unearth Issue 5 Reviewed

Hellmouth Issue 2

The 'Buffy/Angel' event goes on. Buffy fights evil in a tank top, booty shorts and fishnets – how male gazey. Monsters attack. There is a key mention. Buffy's stupid. I've no idea what is going on. This was okay indulgent nostalgia.

Best Lines:

“Your worst fears are delicious.”

“And I've been doing it a lot longer than you have, Buffy.”

“Oooh, congratulations, you're in college.”

“Silent suffeirng is more my cup of tea.”

Unearth Issue 5

The storyarc ends. It's 2022. There is body horror, death, a giant talking brain, fighting, incoherence and a downer ending. There are bitter disputes, harbingers of doom and people without moral limitations and a psycho's idea of damage control. This was horrendous flaws and a would by horrifying pay off and animosity and a catastrophic escalation. This was not truly disturbing or exquisitely bizarre just a parade of inadequacy that is spectacularly bad.

Best Lines:

“I hope you choke on me!”

“Those aren't caves.”

“It's a monster. And you crawled down its throat.”

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