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White Collar 4x15 + Star Trek Voyager (1995-2001) 3x06 Reviewed

The Original

This show leaves you incredulous. There is exposition and Peter gloats in Neal's face. Peter has a new boss. There is bad ADR. A sculpture is faked. Neal can sniff out fake art. Emily Procter of 'CSI: Miami' guest stars and Treat Williams returns. This show has growing irrelevance.

This ep has no positive purpose. A dead sculpter's apprentice is demeaning and dehumanising. Peter casually disrespects Neal. As for Neal he fakes a sculpture. James aka Sam lurks. Neal poses in his vest. There is great hostility. Detriment and damage is caused.

Things are pretty bleak. There is a thin veil of safety. Neal is a grifting freeloader in a form fitting shirt. James shows where Neal got his act from. Perilous and erratic events take place. This was not powerfully emotional. There is turmoil. How does James know about art? There is strife and one is exasperated by Peter's moaning.

Neal is a talented artist but never does anything original. How did the artists put a note into a sculpture? This ep is painfully predictable. There is forced jollity. This ep is not as much fun as it thinks it is. The characters are crass and shallow. There are discontents. Manly men bicker. This ep grates. There is no intense focus. People are unproductive and morally indefensible. This ep was low quality.

Neal gets manhandled. A 'marble' statue is knocked over but does not shatter. None of this is fun. The apprentice was more talented than his mentor. The dialogue sounds like people ordered to speak random words. The new boss is a Pratt minion, but of course.

Best Lines:

“$13 for an ice cream.”

“That's bribery.”

“Then pay.”

“The red pigment is impossible to find today. Trust me.”

“I've had 3 different names.”

“If you can do this, you're capable of anything.”

“Mystique of his work.”

“Are you familiar with chicken sexers?”

“Rare Italian marble.”

“Smell a set up.”


Voyager plays host to a Delta Quadrant race of telepaths who have what looks like moss growing in their hair. Janeway has the weirdest diction. Torres has visions of a denied past. This show's theme music blew. Torres talks about her 'sex dreams' with Chakotay. A woman likes Harry. WHY? Paris bores. Neelix is useless. The acting is bad. This was okay but cack handed.

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