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Movie Reviews: Support The Girls + The Odessa File

Support The Girls (2018)

Regina Hall stars in this work place comedy. She runs a 'family eatery' where the waitresses wear booty shorts, cowboy boots and tiny tops. They are Whammies Girls. This starts out engagingly barmy but gets boring fast. A guy is stuck in a vent. Cops show up. There is sports talk.

There was a car wash fundrasier. There was comical. The owner shows up, he has a boss too. The cooks are unclean looking. A sick kid needs minding. The tv goes out, Regina Hall mkaes caw noises and her day is disrupted. The owner dressed like Charlie Sheen in 'Two And A Half Men'.

Things provoke incompehension, even hostility. This has no conceivable purpose. There are no accountability standards. There are dubious tattoos and drastic words. People are unable to show empathy. People are held to an impossible and irrelevant standard. This was not an exceptional moment.

There is a vein of doubt. People can't reconcile despair. There is strident yelling. There is no elemental magnetism. There is no hero at the end of the day. One is not motivated to care. There is no reasoning.

Best Lines:


“Big-asses are large size.”

“Weird sound in the locker room.”

“My family's full of dumb bitches.”

“Run over my ex? I'd be glad to.”

“You're unfireable.”

“Mr and mrs rat.”

“Sports themed bar and grill.”

“A guy throwing up in there.”

“Chocolate milk rules.”

“Super harmless.”

“Using it as a traning exercise.”

“Cable people.”

“Didn't even make it out of the cecling.”

The Odessa File (1978)

Men guilty of infamous activities hide. A journalist (Jon Voight) looks for a man. He does a bad undercover act. There are stupefying plot developments. The men can't accept they were on the losing side of history, they still plot. Voight has a regretful countenance and anxious rage. There is a twist and one did not find this compelling.

Best Lines:

“Nature's chosen ruler.”

“Are you listening?”

“If I must.”

“Sickened the whole of mankind.”

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