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True Blood Season 1 Ep 2 Review

The First Taste

Sookie is beaten up by trailer trash. Bill saves her and kills the trailer trash. He also heals her of her injuries by making her drink his blood. Bill later on comes a courting on Sookie despite her terrible fashion sense. Dinner with the Stackhouse family is tense. Bill and Sookie get to know each other.

A tabloid headline reads: ‘Angelina adopts vampire baby’. Jason is a dumb slut as he chases after Dawn and her Daisy Duke cast off waitress outfit. The Fellowship of the Sun church debates the American Vampire League on TV. Later on the Fellowship of the Sun leader and his family die in a car accident. Or was it? Sookie comes a courting on Bill and ends up in peril, again.

This show is sultry and atmospheric, but this ep was still dull.

Best Line: “Your standards are so low, you always get lucky.”
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