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WhiteCollar 4x14+The Inbetween (2019)+1x01+Supergirl 5x04+Gold Digger 1x01 +Magicians 4x05&4x06

Shoot The Moon

Marie Antoinette's perfume is on display. I'm sure the bottle is too modern looking. This ep does not resonate. Peter is rude to Neal again. Neal dogsits. Thieves strike. Sara gets turned on assisting in thefts. Peter weenie waggles. Peter and the Liz-bot are taken hostage.

This leaves you dispirited. A Mickey and Mallory wannabe couple bore. It is a challenge to see a positive outcome. No one is the slightest bit interested in this. Neal doesn't find out he's being spied on and manipulated. Peter's ultimate failing is that he is a tool. People mock Neal. He faces judgement and Peter is insincere.

Sara's leaving. Someone FINALLY points out the age difference between Peter and the Liz-bot. People in WitSec still have to pay the IRS. Peter's lies create conflict. This was unpleasant. A moon rock is targeted. The Liz-bot bores. Peter faces no negative career impacts from what he does. This was unserious. There is sap. There is no serious escalation. The Liz-bot reveals to Peter she asked Neal to lie to him. Peter keeps lying to Neal and playing him, he's an abusive jerk.

Best Lines:

“You watch too much 'Law & Order!”

“Exactly what the judge gave him!”

“Long time subscriber to 'Mugshot Monthly'.”

“That's where the bad kids hang out.”

“200,000 miles from home.”

“UN outer space treaty.”

“No free oxygen.”

“Vacuum sealed in nitrogen.”

“Not making it out of here.”

“This is not even my first kidnapping!”

“People like you happen to people like us!”


A psychic helps cops, no this is not 'Medium'. The jerkass cop from 'Arrow' uses his real English accent. The psychic is bothered by a child ghost played by a laughably incompetent actress. There are ghosts, a killer and this was mediocre.

In Plain Sight

The writers never knew what to do with James so he leaves. This was laughably ineffective. Brainy shouts. William's weird. J'onn and his boring plot bores. William lies and lies. I could care less.

Best Line:

“Toxic jerk.”

Gold Digger (2019) 1x01

The 6 part BBC1 drama begins. A 60 year old woman meets Ben Barnes. The amount of vaseline on the lens when the 60 year old woman is on screen is silly. Ben Barnes is 30 years younger than her. All her horrible children ignore her so she hooks up with the toyboy. Her ex-husband ran off with her best friend. Her ex and his ho have no apology. Her children are selfish awful brats. 60 year old = Julia. Her kids are horrified at Julia dating Ben Barnes. He's a copywriter who doesn't do any copywriting. Julia's eldest son obsesses over his mother's sex life and ignores his wife and newborn. A year goes by. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Smells like a dead badger.”

“How depressingly typical.”

“He's not a good man.”

“Do not make me choose.”

“Not even worth the oxygen.”

Escape From The Happy Place

Eliot is still alive. People talk. Eliot really was a tool. Alice doesn't apologise. Why can't the talking animals talk? Eliot's worst memory is rejecting Quentin. As for Quentin he finally tells Alice to get gone. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Scary shrieky things that live outside.”

“Mistakes of the gods.”

“Don't do your usual thing and screw it up.”

“Seems rash even for you.”

“Bleats of despair.”

“Moment that truly mattered.”

A Timeline And Place

Marina sells magic people? Marina and Penny visit another reality. Marina is a bitch. There is a mummy. People talk about a leaky magic pipe. Where is the sloth? Penny whines and is awful. Quentin gets slapped around by the Monster. Hedge witches strike and this was okay.

Best Line:
"Desperate to matter at all. To anyone."

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