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White Collar 4x12&4x13 + The Magicians 4x01-4x04 Reviewed 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

Brass Tacks

There is exposition. Senator Pratt is bad. There is a broken key and increasingly troubling goings on. What is the Liz-bot's job? Titus Welliver and Reed Diamond guest star. There is an unshakeable icy resolve to take on Pratt and wrongful blame. This was not a profound achievement. Mozzie and Neal are self-satisfied. Neal has performative pain. This was pathetically wanting and you don't care enough.

The Liz-bot whines and orders Neal to lie. Peter and Neal are intractably divided. There are unpleasant emotions. There is a resolute refusal to accept what is increasingly inevitable. There are catastrophic risks. Someone is fired. The key is a map. Peter plots. Neal is sickeningly multi-talented.

Best Lines:

“An earlier generation.”

“With a father like his, kid never stood a chance.”

“Go all big brother on him.”

“Never had a hot shave?”

“Decades of cover ups.”


“Weird and annoying.”

“Fall short of greatness.”

“Try hard.”

“You don't need to apologise.”

“I wasn't.”

“This can't be good.”

“Pratt can't get away with this.”

Empire City

There's a damning list of theft, forgery, fraud and lying by Neal. This was disastrous. Will Peter stop plotting against Neal?!? I'm less than impressed. The Liz-bot lies. Things are unacceptably unclear. This was seriously flawed. There is taxi fraud. One needs patience and fortitude to get through this terrible ep.

There is no emotional depth or nuance. There is a corrupt TLC guy. Peter is finally asked why he doesn't arrest Mozzie. Peter is a thoughtless cretin. Peter openly repudiates sense and does hostile rhetoric. This ep was terminally weak and badly wrong and congenitally incapable. Neal knows music.

Mozzie is wildly ridiculed. This was creatively anaemic. The Liz-bot bores. There is no engaged community of viewers. There is disgruntlement and inefficiencies. A club has cigar girls. Neal cracks a safe with a vinyl record? I'm confused. You feel disengaged. There is singing and one used the fast forward button. There is no unity or concord. Peter spies and uses ill chosen words.

Best Lines:

“History smells like an old ashtray.”

“Better not hear you laughing.”

“Looks and sounds authentic to the 60s.”

“Class it up.”

A Flock Of Lost Birds

Characters have new identities, the library rations magic because they are controlling fascists and Alice is locked up. Ember bugs and Santa Claus is also locked up. Quentin is tormented by his possessed friend/former lover. Margot is tossed into Fillory. This was good but isn't Marina dead?

Best Lines:

“Great ill is afoot.”

“Dedicated closet for wigs and fetish underwear.”

“Sad little man we are calling Brian.”

Lost, Found, Fu**ed

The Monster does creepy montoning. Marina annoys. This was comically horrendous. Quentin is abused by the Monster. There are malevolent intentions. Julia can't die. This was without any kind of coherent point.

Best Lines:

“Wallow in self loathing without embarrassment.”

“All forms of intimacy horrify me.”

The Bad News Bear

There is the awfulness of human interaction. Go away Marina! Another Penny? Cards are played. Quentin's dad is dead? This was awfulness.

Best Lines:

“Not a helpful person.”

“Raise an army of the dead level magic.”

“Not store brand.”

Marry, F**k, Kill

Quentin smokes, Julia needs to go away and have they graduated now? The pervert author shows up again. This bored. Julia is a bitch. The new identity plot has been dropped, people yell about werewolves and all the promise of 4x01 has been flushed.

Best Line:
"Why so you can wolf hump me to death?"

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