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White Collar 4x08-4x11 +Guilt 1x02 +New Amsterdam 1x12 +Krypton 2x07 Reviewed 🖼🖼🖼🖼🖼🖼🖼🖼🖼

Ancient History

Alex Hunter whoever she is shows up. A Betamax tape shows up. There is no escalation avoidance. Alex wears underwear as outerwear. There is talk of Balkan prisons. Peter is overly negative. There is no magnanimity. Alex whines. Neal's angry and has a massively negative view of Peter. Neal seeks only his own pleasure with inadequate emotional support.

There are no reasoned responses. Neal pretends to be Banksy. This was insufficeient. Peter has a negative impact. There is systemic risk. There are no individual conscience. Peter consels caution. The cops are angry. There are petty politics. Alex sneaks. Peter makes grating listening.

This ep deserves to be unnoticed. Alex robs an evidence warehouse. Alex is a bint: she doesn't have the best of intentions. This ep sinks without trace.

Best Lines:

“Abhor your whole profession.”

“Don't bother telling me he meant well.”

“I don't think he's happy with us.”

“You're dead to me.”

“Botched in impressive fashion.”

“A 3 out of 10 day.”

“I'm done with you.”

Gloves Off

The Betamax tape is watched. Was Neal's father set up? Why was WitSec woman in WitSec? Neal is doing a critcal reassessment. There is no unifying enemy. There is a spike in rancour. Neal looks into an insider trading ring. There is an external menace and boxing. Peter whines. Victor Webster of 'Mutant X', Sprague Grayden of 'Jericho' and Treat Williams guest star.

Sam annoys. The Liz-bot babbles and makes gelato and spies on Neal. This ep was misconceived. Peter acts virtuous but is very irritating and annoying. Sam's a pitiless protagonist. Peter obsessed over undiscovered wrongdoing. Peter does an abusive exercise of his authority and superority.

Peter lies and confronts Sam. This ep was not absolutely essential. Peter has no absolute confidence in Neal. And Neal is angry. Did nobody at the boxing notice Neal's ankle monitor? This was extremely disappoing. Peter is odious and petty and Neal has had it with him.

Best Lines:

“The man I know can't be.”

“I ain't looking for him.”

“25 grand at the door.”

“Crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of.”

“Takes a certain type to join my club.”

Vested Interest

Peter and Neal attend a confrence. There is exposition and Peter deliberately ignores Neal's pain. Lonliness is written all over Neal's existence. Peter is a fervent believer in himself and has a morbid preoccupation with himself. He can't mollify Neal's rage or placate him. Peter's feigned concern ignores Neal's justified rage.

Neal can't see the right way to a straight career. Sam shows up. Neal is utterly hostile to Peter, cue a short lived bitter rift. Peter has an uncompromising unapologetic response. There are far reaching implications due to Sam's claims. Something very bad awaits.

A fake FBI agent plots. Treat Williams guest stars. Peter won't let the Sam thing go. The Liz-bot fluffs Peter. Neal's been confronted with Peter's physical aggression and Peter's view that his opinions are the only right ones. Peter valorises himself and is irrefutably unfair. Peter is Neal's designated nemesis.

Neal plots. He has a restless, competitive, blunt and melancholy nature. This does not leave you enraptured and is not fulfilling. Critcal judgement is suspended. There is foreshadowing and talk of an evidence box. Body armour features as does sap and Sam's real identity is revealed.

Best Lines:

“Mildly ominious.”

“Death issues don't issue themselves.”

Family Business

There are flashbacks to the past and profound personal choices. Peter is always in the way and this has no unrivalled intensity. People are duplictous and make poor judgement calls. Peter is always antagonising. Neal doesn't hold fairness and justice in high esteem. I'm tired of Peter's outbursts of anger and contempt. Neal is some Da Vinci like genius who can fake whiskey and glass blowing.

Sprague Grayden guest stars. Peter wants to exert greater control over Neal and enjoys the situation of dominance imposed. Neal will only ever be regarded by the FBI as a con. Neal is a troublemaking, irresponsible, attention-hungry, get-away-with-anything brat. Neal poses in his vest. Hand blown bottles are blown. Mozzie can blow glass. A mobster dies.

Best Lines:

“Things were good then.”

“Since before they faked Reagan's death.”

“Never could figure that part out.”

“Getting things back to how they were.”

“Has an incredible reach.”

“Had to die and fast.”

Guilt 1x02

I'm done with this show. It got bad, fast and is terribly wrong.

Anima Sola

There are ill intentions and vapidness in this yawn of an ep. There are accusations of drug abuse, vomit and worries about impaired doctors.

Best Lines:

“The texture of your vomit.”

“Like a relaxing vacation at Chernobyl.”

Zods And Monsters

Seg-El screams and the rebellion is revolting. Brainac and Doomsday bore. We get a Doomsday origin story. Seg-el's son is Jor-El. The 'Superman' theme plays. There is no complete wonder or suspence. Unknown ends are worked towards. There is ponderous ruminating and this was a disappointment. This was horribly misjudged and full of dire-logue.

Best Line:

“Sh*t out his entire skeleton!”

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