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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Invisible Man' (2020) trailer

Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Elisabeth Moss star. This reboot looks okay.

Best Line:

“Someone's sitting in that chair.”

'Prodigal Son' 1x08 promo

Another killer.

'Servant' trailer

A weird couple, a nanny, a fake baby and Rupert Grint? How did baby Jericho die?

Best Lines:

“Do you know who you welcomed into your home?”

“Hired a nanny for a doll.”

'Color Out Of Space' trailer

Nic Cage does Lovecraft. This looks weird and good. Tommy Chong is in this!

'Batwoman' 1x06 promo


'Supergirl' 5x06 promo


'Jericho' (2006) promo

I miss this show.

Organic rose milk chocolate – yum.

Raspberry Fizz white chocolate – no.

Moroccan mint organic dark chocolate – yum.

'Rich Hall's Red Meance' was hilarious.

I'll review 'Mine', 'The Hungry Moon' and 'Influence'.

Recall the Fisher Price Little Snoopy Toy or the Chatter Telephone or the Classic Xylophone?

Aertel will cease!

'Revenge' is getting a sequel series!

Who saw 'The Black Donnellys' or 'The Dead Pool'?

'Scream' is being revived?

Recall the 'Hi-de-Hi!' ep 'Who Killed Mr Patridge?'?

I want black and gold earrings. And a diamond Halo art deco ring. And I want an 18k diamond and multistones butterfly brooch, a bamboo in the moonlight necklace and a 19th century sapphire and diamond necklace. I want en encrusted Pave break hinge bangle, a chocolate diamond Florence ring, Viola diamond & pink sapphire drop earrings and a ruby and dimaond butterfly brooch and a labyrinth ring. I want a Boodles Raindance watch and a Patek Philippe ladies' 24 and a Rolex Oyster Perpetuel Patejust 31.

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Certain about what you call facts.”

'Un/Scared' Quotes:

“Today, we aew gowing to wern about boundawies. Do you want to sing a happy wittle song?”

“Let's sing the Holy Kitty Song together!”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Sharp decline in the mathematics competence of students entering the first year of courses which require such competence.”

“Almost to damn her.”

“Open locked depots, bulging with unseen work.”

“Military duty-shirking.”

“Unaccountable change.”


'Scandal Made Me Famous' Quotes:

“Tempted a servant of god.”

“Faith partners.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quotes:

“Have adults rather than peers for company, and are consequently more confident, conscientious and socially mature. But sometimes they can be more rigid and rule-bound, always concerned with “getting it right” and “being right”.”

“Never going to come first.”

“Died alone, shunned and buried in an unmarked grave.”

“Not tailor his existing personality to his new position.”

“Blended families don't blend, they collide.”

“Acts the mammy,”

“'The escaper',”

“Given up my beloved family and everything else.”

'Escape To The Chateau DIY' Quote:

“Most stupid shelf system ever.”

'The Truth About Antibiotics' Quotes:

“Nice and filthy.”

“Zones of inhibition.”

On 'Hollyoaks': the crane disaster has been forgotten. Grace and Syler boffed.

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