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Supergirl 5x03 + White Collar 4x05-4x07 Reviewed

Blurred Lines

William talks lies and is an ass. Kara wants people to fold to her will. Lena does a commanding and disturbing turn. Sean Astin guest stars. Lena plays Kara. J'onn bores. There is bad acting and people making bad choices. This was unliked and overwrought. Nia and Brainy bore. This was baaaaad.

Honor Among Thieves

WitSec woman is dead. A man named Sam is sought. Peter annoys abjectly. This show is a male bastion. Peter's back at white collar. This was bog standard. Peter is unreflective and unappealing. This is full of outraged disapproval and self-destructive revelations.

Neal's not dreadfully upset about WitSec. A female art thief in hooker heels causes sour resentment and resistance. Neal takes pervere pleasure causing Peter to be unpleasant. There are difficulties with social interaction. Neal's banned from a museum. Neal is told to steal a painting and the art thief woman will steal a file for him in return.

There is no pain or despair. Mozzie's viciously opposed to logic. There are justified grievances. Where did Kramer go? Angry people can be easily manipulated and blackmailed. Neal causes a distressing litany of troubles. There is uncertainty and low level panic. Peter rants.

There are just penalties and serious challenges. There's a breakup. Peter has petulance. Is Neal conning? There is disturbance and discomfort.

Best Lines:

“Stare at naked women all day.”

“Give him something to chase.”

“This isn't a favour.”

“Avoid somehting long enough, it has a tendency to blindside you.”

“I believed him. I'm not sure I should.”

Identity Crisis

Neal scoffs at civil society. Mozzie has a plight. Internet cafes still exist? Peter is cruel and shameful. Mozzie went to a storage auction and found something. Peter actively resists sense. There is obvious and bad ADR. How can Neal chart a path to victory? Mozzie was an illegal squatter. There is talk of Washington's spies. There is more conspiracy talk and rampant speculation. Washington's flag is sought. Ty Nant bottles are obviously displayed. There is a profund and cascading impact. Loose talk can have consequences.

Mozzie's a moron. Neal maintains an exterior apperance. People use violence as a symbol of power. Neal's capable of venomous fury, long standing grievances and bitterness. This show was one step away from obscurity. Mozzie's stupid and somehow not arrested. There is unrest and disorder. This was terrible. I don't care about Mozzie's extreme misfortune and lack of rational or considered repsonses.

Best Lines:

“Someone's trying to kill me!”

“What? Why am I not suprised?”

“Reeks of foreclosure trash!”

“Or on something.”

“I would never be in your situation.”

“British occupied New York.”

“Empowered by blood.”

“Stargate! MKUltra! The space shuttle!”

“Self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“Actual spies don't greet each other by code.”

“They do in airport novels.”

“Disgraced egomaniac.”

“The right hole.”

“Can't say that upsets me.”

Compromising Positions

We get hints of Neal's real name. Sam is a snake in human form, you can tell because he is played by Treat Williams. There is ranting about a conspiracy. There is tension and despair and utter pointlessness. There is generalised discontent. Neal is badly treated. A fixer fixes. Sara bores. Will Peter SHUT UP? There is failed comedy. The Liz-bot bores. Neal actively and knowingly does bad things. There are deviant interests and Peter spies. This was anything but effective.

Best Lines:

“Funny little bald man.”

“Do that thing with your leg.”

“I remember. Vividly.”

“Dark and sordid past.”

“Retrieve my broken heel from Ivanka Trump's airvent.”

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