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Movie Reviews: Triangle + Vox Lux

Triangle (2009)

Melissa George stars with Liam Hemsworth. People go out on a yacht. There is latent fear that amplifies morbidity. Things are sublimely eerie and disconcerting. This is okay to start with if not disquieting brilliance. There are bitches, a storm and a mysterious cruise ship. Then it gets incoherent and bad.

Vox Lux (2018)

Natalie Portman and Jude Law star in this tale of a school shooting survivor turned pop star. This features songs by Sia and a very very long concert sequence. What's ESU? Wiliem Dafoe narrates. In the 1999 opening a boy shoots up his school. Celeste survives. She sings at a memorial, badly. She needs physio. The song becomes an anthem for the nation. Cue more bad singing and mumbling. She gets a recording contract and is cold blooded about it. At 14!

If this sounds a bit stupid, that is only because it is. This was entirely ridiculous and dull. There are unpleasant attiudes and irrevocable change. There is dancing, a boring non-existent plot, Celeste has a sister and where did their parents go? The 'Dawson's Creek' theme plays and there is a montage. There is no raw simplicity. Celeste can't sing. Abba are seen. Why aren't their parents supervising them?

Celeste is not reputable or responsible. She seeks personal advantage. There is vomit and she always wears a choker due to her shooting. 9/11 happens and then she's 31 and played by Portman. The sisters split, there is another terrorist attack and it's 2017 and she has a a teenage daughter and may have sold her soul to satan.

Best Lines:

“Shot both of them 3 weeks before Christmas.”

“Binge drinking household cleaning products.”

“No money in music.”

“Safeguard the country's youth.”

“Morally uplifting boom.”

“Impending deluge of notoriety.”

“Disgraceful aspects.”

“Finance her entire life.”

“That's an ugly thing to say.”

“Gaudy and unliveable present.”

“Land of her own destiny.”

“Don't smile at me.”

“Nocturnal encounter.”

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