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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Vienna Blood' promo


'Midway' tv spot

Oscar bait.

Drumstick choos – okay.

Salsa – nice.

Artisan honeycomb dark choc – very nice.

'HashtagHorror' was crap.

I have chronic sorrow.

Who saw 'The Babe' or 'Unforgiven'?

I won't read 'Implacable'.

I'll review 'Captive State' and 'The Turning'.

'A British Guide To The End Of The World' was depressing and so very sad.

Best Lines:

“Angry evil looking thing.”

“Persist in fleeing to the country.”

“You've had it ain't you?”

'The Goldbergs' Quotes:

“That wasn't concern, that was ridicule.”

“Has the entire school turned on me?”

“Facing his cold dark future.”

'White Collar' Quote:

“Hard city to leave.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Mad people in Brussels.”

“Risk inherent in change.”

“Rival gangs of teen boys had a bad habit of trying to murder one another at random points of the day and night.”

“Fearful of exclusion.”

“Looking for reassurance.”


“Completely beyond dispute.”

“Unhinged and unmoored.”

“How teachers taught and what students were expected to know.”

“Behavioural ecology.”

“Long-term absence.”

“'Acceptable levels' of rat hairs in paprika and maggots in orange juice.”


“Guided by different and historical reference points.”

“Moisture stressed.”

“Nowhere else for us to go.”

'Slings And Arrows' Quote:

“Chilled German urine.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Harry's buried. Grace gets her drag queen look on. Breda screams ickle a lot. Mercedes and her slutwear is publically shamed and exposed by Grace. Sylver is thick as mince. Grace does a mic drop. Mercedes gloats about her crapulence and gets shot. No remorse from her. Ever. Ste didn't know Harry was dead and made the funeral all about him. Doug who? JP who? They're bringing JP back for a year long county lines storyline. FFS. James Sutton needs to get a real job.

Best Line:

“Rat of a man!”

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