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Tales The Dark Mulitverse: The Death Of Superman + Marvel Zombies Resurrection Issue 1 Reviewed

Tales The Dark Mulitverse: The Death Of Superman

There is a mulitverse. Where was Batman when Superman died? Lois gets angry. Lex has red hair and a red beard. Why is the US flag on Superman's coffin? Like TPTB wouldn't examine the body. Lois meets the Eradicator. WHO? And gets power. Superman stays dead for a while but comes back in time to see Lois turned vigilante. Lois rampages and wonders why Clark didn't do this. There is a Kara mention. Lex did bad things and gets killed by Lois for them. Then she kills the Joker and possibly Batman. Superboy and Cyborg Superman show up. This was excellent.

Best Lines:

“Watched the world waste his gift......and this woman......would never forgive the world.”

“Where were any of you?!”

“I'm glad you're not here...”

“They made sure to be front and center now.”

“Why are they afraid of you?”

“He has nothing else......he's so alone.”

“Why did we ever allow a world where this was normal?”

“What have you done?!”

“What you never could.”

“It's like you were never here at all.”

“We never even tried to be better.”

“Looked upon the strange...and instead of fearing it, chose to love.”

“The last hope of a dying star...”

“All they could spare to send with you.”

“I'll make a better world. One that deserved you.”

“We all grieve differently.”

“Proud of that one. Oh, and I murdered my secretary on the way home from the funeral. Just to let him know that I could. And I won.”

Marvel Zombies Resurrection Issue 1

I never read 'Marvel Zombies'. Reed Richards has a beard. Galactus is dead. There's a floating head in a jar. The Avengers and X-Men assemble. Magneto is a good guy? Wolverine sniffs. Thor booms. There is no concept of hazmat. Magik is around. Captain Marvel is a zombie as are Groot and the Silver Surfer and many others. The Avengers and X-Men get bit. Galactus falls into the atmosphere. This was excellent.

Best Lines:

“Why are you wi-fi passwords always so inexplicably long?”

“Harvests his biology or technology.”

“Hippos?! The dirty great fat things that loll about in rivers?”

“What could do something like this to Galactus?”

“We're remaking Galactus' physical form in our own images, simply through our perception of it.”

“If you don't get to the ship, Earth will fall!”

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