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White Collar 3x16-4x03 + The Rook 1x08 + The Name Of The Rose 1x04 Reviewed

Judgment Day

Kramer has a dangerous interest in Neal. I'm so sick of Peter and his smugness and how he feigns concern. Peter is palpably a creep. This was utterly mundane. This show is vastly diminished. Peter long ago lost track of objective facts. No peace manifests itself. There is a less comforting ending. The forces of normality loom. I struggle to enjoy this. Kramer wants Neal working for him in DC.

This was not wry or amusing. People have wrongly held beliefs and blatant disregard. Shame and ridicule are put on Neal. Kramer is unethical and immoral. Neal has no sincere commitment. This was embarrassingly awful. Peter lies to Neal. Kramer wants to extend Neal's sentence indefinetly. Sara and Neal go on about a Raphael.

This was not deliciously deceptive or intelligent or brilliant. Peter needs to shut up. Neal is negatively affected. Some woman talks about Neal's father. Kate is mentioned. Neal's parents are alive? There is no perilous quest. There is a high level of threat. Kramer has sulphurous contempt for Neal. Mozzie moved part of the u-boat treasure out of the country. There is no admission of responsibility.

Let's get this horrible meaningless ep over with. Beau Bridges guest stars. This was unpleasant. There are deceptive feelings. There is no emotional trauma. Kramer plans to arrest Neal so Neal runs. There is gross misconduct in this appalling ep.

Best Lines:

“My immunity not the bureau's.”

“Keep him for himself.”

“For a long, long time.”

“Slapped cuffs on your CI.”

“Life I lost.”

“Don't try. Do it.”

“This moment was inevitable.”

“When did you stop putting faith in people?”

“When they stopped deserving it.”

“Revenge business.”

“You caught him?”



People want to lock Neal up. Why do people have such hostile reactions to Neal? This ep is a pitiful harrowing experience. Neal and Mozzie's co-dependence bores. This was clearly nonsense. Neal flirts with a woman. People have ideological differences. Neal and Mozzie have limitless wealth. They are on an island with no extradition treaty. Gregg Henry runs the island. This show is essential sameness. Elizabeth bores. There is intense speculation.

This show sows the seeds of its own irrelevance. Peter is discomfited. Neal doesn't put his talents to productive use. How is Gregg Henry the island dictator? There is no transforming engagement. Neal builds sand castles. There is vague but threatening language. Neal's known for all the wrong things. Pagers are used. WitSec woman yaps. The DOJ want Neal. Peter stalks Neal. There is a zero tolerance policy. This was lacklustre.

Peter's an idiot. Neal burns stuff. People are left to deal with the consequences. People are intent on harming Neal. People deal with the fallout. This was fatiguing and dismal. This is an elaborate cosmic joke. There is inevitability of dread and chicanes of farce. This was not grimly funny. People are ferociously insincere. Neal has excessive self-admiration. Peter thinks Neal can be made better, but his trangressions remain etched in the minds of people.

Best Lines:

“Love this bit of insight.”

“Sounds nice.”

“It's a leper colony.”

“Men like you are trouble.”

“Doesn't want you.”

“What's regret going to get me?”

“Our final refuge.”

“Disappears through reinvention.”

“I'll let you know if that's true.”

“Paying the guy 25 grand a month for safe haven.”

“Paradise comes at a price.”

“Didn't deserve that freedom.”

“Think Dog The Bounty Hunter.”

Most Wanted

There is surreal morality. Neal's steadily more entangled in the web he weaves. This was infuiating. Mozzie is amiably dumb. Neal feels lectured. This was not very satisfying. There is a culture of abuse of Neal. There is a spectacular betrayal. Neal's shot. There are betrayals within betrayals. Peter's deeply compromised. This was misbegotten. Neal's gullible and vulnerable. There is visceral teachery. There is terrible moral turptitude.

This shows people at their worst. There is an agenda against Neal. Old ways are not renounced. Gregg Henry lurks. Things are deeply mired in betrayal. Neal has a murky past. There is wariness and bitter experience. There are no passionate idealists. There are charming and sinister adventures. This was an enormous gaffe. Neal is mysteriously unencumbered by family. There are dubious types and masculine hubris. This was unintentionally funny and troubling.

Throughly unlikable characters have no moral calibre. This show's sense of promise is never quite fulfilled. There is amorality. Women are entirely two dimensional sex and money obsessed coquettes. Neal wants to fleece others of their property. There is no moral credence. Island girl speaks like a sex robot. There are sterotypical trappings.

Neal has deep sorrowful eyes and is contentious. People have bizarre motivations. Mozzie is emotionally unreachable and strangely unknowable. Neal retains no independence and has a lack of integrity to the point of perversity. He's mystifying. This was not endearing. There is sanctimonious judgment. Neal has little moments. This show is not a cultural touchstone.

The bounty hunter doesn't recognise Mozzie? Gregg Henry turns out to be a fugitive. Status quo is god on this show. Peter caused all this trouble. A moppet lurks. A bad painting is meant to fool people. This was disjointed and totally unrealistic. Peter is an ass. Neal wants to know about his dad.

Best Lines:

“You could be armed.”

“Zip tied to the dash.”

“You're not this man.”

“Harmonic futility.”

“Just as important as the pour.”

“His word carries a lot of weight.”

“Pour like it's Hemingway's last pour.”

Will leave you.”

“I'll think of you with every dollar I spend.”

“Had more good ones than he deserves.”

“I hope you get a next time.”

“How that came to pass?”

Diminishing Returns

There is no reasoned debate. This was flippant. Peter's been demoted and transferred. Neal has vexation. There is contrived forced jollity. This was truly ghastly. Neal's walked off being shot. Peter's working in the evidence warehouse. This was pretty bad. Neal solves an unsolved case. Brett Cullen guest stars.

I've lost my enthusiasm for this drab show. There are no very serious consequences. There are no ruthless vengeful opponents or double crossing friends. Peter is dryly dismissive. Jewels show up. Peter strips another thief of his dreams. There is not a modium of quality. Mozzie got into the evidence locker and did Peter's work. Neal grew up in WitSec? Neal's dad killed someone.

Best Lines:

“Wayward history.”

“Avoids emotional connection.”

“Casually imply.”

“Not up for discussion.”

"Go signal.”

Parting Shots

Peter is still in the evidence locker. Brett Cullen and Laura Vandervoort of 'V' and 'Smallville' guest star. Sara lurks. A widow gets an insurance payout. This was terrible. A creepy PI lurks. Neal is looking into his dad. This was deplorable. This is overly onerous and has a negative impact. There are negative repercussions and gun waving.

Best Lines:

“Marginally less interesting.”

“All over the gossip rags.”

“Tailing your tail.”

Chapter 8

People with powers are being sold. You can't trust anyone with strategic thinking. This was crap. I'd no idea what was going on in this calamitous ep/miniseries.


The Name Of The Rose 1x04

There are random acts of violence, yelling and malvolent intent. This was complete incompetence and wilful weirdness.

Best Lines:

Cry betrayal.”

“New mysterious event.”

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