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6pm To 9pm

People are incapable of making rational argument. The irrational ludicrous twits are all cruelty and open hostility. People do unpardonable acts. This was woefully unfit for purpose. People have completely irrational beliefs. Someone is murdered at a memorial. There is no total panic or dread. Devious Violet blabs. Murders are not anxiety provoking.

People have incandescent rage and hate relationships. People gleefully betray and engage in despicable behaviour and are forlorn and bitter and engage in distrust and resentment. This was woeful. People quite deliberately choose to be societal ills.

There is no emotional resonance. People are unmitigated by insight. There is harlotry, violent force and staggering igorance. There is a faux social environment. Jerkery has a disinhibting effect. There is an endemic culture of ill-treatment and impugning behaviour. This show is a wasted investment.

There is deliberate concealment, extreme circumstances and this was egregious. Nobody is insightful or perceptive. There are intractable positions. This was dreadful. People deserve brutal criticism. People are furious. Violet conducts her hostile media campaign. There is loud and long belligerence. People lie by design. This was simplistic and stagnant. There are no prevailing norms. This was not emotive or fantastically complicated or wildly fun.

There are deliberate and evil acts. There is a lack of sensitivity. This was gravely inadequate and incapable. This was entirely wrong. There is continuing conflict. This was absurd. Terrible events happen and shameful decisions are made. This was not immensely beneficial. The killer is caught. Or are they? Bye bye Violet.

Best Lines:

“Psycho level.”

“Click on the spinning knife thingy.”

“Pay you a visit in the middle of the night.”

“Freak show apartment.”

“Psychopath running around killing people.”

“She has no-one else.”

“She doesn't even have you.”

“Didn't peg him for a bad guy.”

“All hate someone.”

“Call that murder cop.”

“Wrath of the druid.”

9pm To 12am

Nobody noticed the double murder? 'Dead' people move. The accused killer laughs. There is a party. Don't the teens have parents? A crazy woman looms. There are flashbacks and catfishing. There is no proven positive benefit to this show. Glue is used.

Best Lines:

“Improve your chances of surviving prison.”

“Makes you famous inside jail.”

“Really horrifying.”

“Selfie slut.”

“Community included everyone.”

“Who the hell doesn't have a smartphone or a computer these days?”

“5 murders in 15 hours.”

“That's what I'm worried about.”

Midnight To 3am

People scream and yell. SJW crap is spewed. There is more death. An annoying teen screams. A woman screams. The killer is revealed. This was useless.

Best Lines:

“She thinks you're drugging her.”

“We are.”

3am To 6am

The killers are revealed. It ends. This made NO sense. Season 2 was the best.

Best Line:

“Who's going to miss them?”

Guilt (2019) 1x01

This boring new BBC drama sees 2 brothers kill a man and cover it up. They get too involved.

Starling City

1x01 is replayed for no good reason. Oliver is on Earth2. His mother married Malcom. Tommy and his beard show up. Colin Donnell guest stars. There is no Walter. Thea's dead. Oliver flares his nostrils. Why is Oliver on Earth2? Oliver is an ass. Stately Queen manor is seen. Oliver ditched his kids to run around on Earth2 and does not care. Oliver goes into a fight with the Earth2 Hood.

Earth2 Laurel runs around. The Earth2 Hood is Adrian who mumbles. Oliver's stupid. I don't care about William or Mia in the future. Tommy is the Dark Archer. JJ is bad in the future. Oliver's a tool, Mia's an idiot – must be genetic. This was a frustrating experience. Where's Slade?

Oliver and Tommy fight. Oliver redeems Tommy and then Earth2 is wiped out. This was grim and distasteful.

Best Lines:

“Too stubborn to be dead.”

“Tommy's planning his very own undertaking.”

“Kill his ass.”

“Go where?”

Robert Diaz

Brett Cullen guest stars. Red is a useful lunatic. People are put in Red's old glass box. This was not unforgettably demented. Nobody makes sensible life choices. A woman has the worst intentions. Red isn't Ilya? I'm confused. This lacks any redeeming characteristics. Agnes comes home. This was dreadful. Red meets Katrina.

Best Lines:

“Feel free to resist.”

“With a coup d'etat, that's original.”

“I kill you.”

“I hope so.”

...Stiff As A Board

Girls in a well lit graveyard play a game. They play Light As A Feather Stiff As A Board. The opening title card is okay. This causes no sincere and abiding appreciation. This was flawed in execution. People play pranks.

A new girl arrives in town. She's evil. There are no positive forms in this. Regressively minded teens have rejectionist voices. This was drivel. There is no disquiet. There are issues and there is melancholy. Someone pays $374 for a dress. This was not warmly charming. There is mumbling. The weird new friend talks to a girl who has a dead twin sister.

There is no pressure or anxiety. This was a crashing disappointment. There is no sense of emotional investment. Characters are just there to scream and be stupid. There is chaos or meance. There is no emotional heft. Is the new girl an evil doer? Yes, she messes up a friend group. The girl with a dead twin has a drunken bitch mother. There are no cynical complexities. The new girl has a mark on her back. This was pleasingly inconsequential and insincere. There are betrayals, lies, trouble making and death.

Best Lines:

“Look around you: tombstones!”

“No one's that nice.”

“Bitch you are dead to me!”

“You're lucky you're cute!”

“You smelled like play dough.”

“Inclusion is a virtue.”

“Sparkly friends.”

“Reduced to veggie burgers.”

Stealing Home

Neal has a legacy of damage (9 years old and hustling pool in St Louis?). People treat Neal as the Token Evil teammate. Kate is mentioned. Mozzie's stupid and will never change. Tim DeKay directs and goes on and on about baseball. Yawn. There is Sara and pool and this was annoying.

Best Line:

“Never gets caught.”


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