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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Code 8' trailer

An Amell movie. Maybe.

'Gold Digger' promo

Ben Barnes is a toyboy.

Fruit salad softies minis – like chewing grouting.

Lemon flavoured sparkling water – okay.

Peach nectarine flavoured sparkling water – okay.

'Love And Hate Crime' annoyed.

Who saw 'Best Of The Best 2' or 'Nomads'?

I'll review 'The Magicians' season 4 and 'Save The Last Dance For Me'.

'Pennyworth' and 'Another Life' renewed? WHY? HOW?

The short films 'Stilts' and 'Satanic Panic '87' were supposed to be on over Halloween but weren't. Finally saw them, both were crap.

My ex is without much by way of apology.

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Holds the entire household hostage with her rages.”

“Very enraged.”

“Very terrible mother.”

“Need to be afraid of her.”

“Murder you tonight.”

“Roleplayed being a rational human being.”

“Threw mascara in the fish tank.”

“Go get a job. Go get a man.”

“Disturb the house.”

“Whore dress.”

“To you this is true.”

'Dceased' Issue 6 Quotes:

“Doesn't even have to be alive to scheme against us all.”

“I could be a planetary threat if I wanted to.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Under state care.”

“What they feel she might do.”

“Locked up round the clock.”

“Contacted through a hatch.”

'Virgin Media News' Quotes:

“Historic wind events.”

“Crashed sideways.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Strive to be compliant.”

“Dire warnings.”

“Grave concerns and complete opposition.”

“A tendency to wake and discover he's thrown up on his date.”

“Some parents were a little doubtful of kids reading Jackie, even though it was ultra-respectable in and of itself.”

“Perpetual form of betrayal.”


“Regain the trust.”

“Can't or shouldn't use.”

“Morality police.”

“Rigid edicts.”

“We were finished.”

“Defying the will.”

“A crisis of legitimacy.”

“Accept lies.”

“General breakdown of trust in scientists and science.”


“Historic stain on its reputation.”

“Devoid of any historical or legal basis.”

“States used sanitised narratives of their history, and an insistence that these versions are the only ones that may legitimately be expressed.”

“Should have paid heed to the warning notes in her voice. It hardly needs to be said that he ends up regretting the decision.”

“Barely-checked power.”


“Lost patience waiting for him to vote for it.”

“Falsehood dispensation.”

“Under the exclusive control of.”

'There's Something About Movies' Quote:

“Let's stick to said rather than written on a toilet wall.”

'Ireland: AM' Quote:

“Turned against her.”

'Not Going Out' Quotes:

“Cbeebies is getting a bit edgy.”

“Teaching the kids to be Americans.”

“Celebrate a 400 year old terrorist conspiracy by setting fire to a scarecrow.”

“High speed stagger.”

“No such things as E Numbers since Brexit.”

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