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Movie Reviews: Boo + Midnight Man + Ernest Scared Stupid + Runaway Christmas Bride + Pay The Ghost

Boo (2005)

Dee Wallace Stone features in this inept 'horror'. I just did not care.

Best Line:

“I gotta protect my pension.”

Midnight Man (2016)

Lin Shaye and Robert Englund star in this 'horror' which is full of bad overacting. This was entirely devoid of talent. This was not cunningly inventive or impressively suspenseful. Peole glower and mumble. This was tedium with no emotional texture. This was not compelling. A game leads to 'horror'.

Best Lines:



Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)

Eartha Kitt stars in this inherently ridiculous 'comedy' which is incredibly silly. There are no dark things in Ernest's future.

Runaway Christmas Bride (2017)

A woman learns she was married for money. Heated accusations fly. This was endless tedium full of whiny posers.

Best Lines:

“Other unimportant people.”

“Let the caviar hatch.”

Pay The Ghost (2015)

Nicolas Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies star. Cage and his fillers bore.

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