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Movie Review: Ingrid Goes West (2017)

A social media sociopath, Ingrid, tracks down her latest online obession. This is not a disturbing psychodrama but it is okay. The film opens with Ingrid macing a bride on her wedding day. Ingrid never puts down her phone. Ingrid cyberstalks Taylor.

There are dubious beliefs. Ingrid the Jessica Biel lookalike moves to LA and spits out uneatbale hipster food and dyes her hair. There is dog stealing and nobody quite understands anything. Taylor is vapid. The 'Batman Forever' soundtrack CD is waved. There is turmoil.

Pom Klementieff plays Harley, Wyatt Russell is Ezra, O'Shea Jackson Jr is Dan, Elizabeth Olsen is Taylor and Billy Magnussen of 'American Crime Story' is Nicky. Ingrid has no reasonable consideration and Dan yells. Ingrid causes aggravation. 'The Deer Park' is read. Taylor's horrible brother Nicky causes passionate indignation with sweaty glee.

Ingrid lurches from crisis to scandal. Nicky is a troublesome adversary and considers himself answerable to no-one. This was trival. Ingrid is an unspeakable wrenching human catastrophe. Nicky is all egregious awfulness. He's much hated. There is aesthetic violence and unbidden chaos. There is no will or focus. People are dealing with more nonsense than is necessary. There is Batman themed sex.

There are outrages and inadequacies. This was not grim or gripping. This was not desperately important just impribable. Nicky steals Ingrid's phone and blackmails her. Things go downhill. This loses its effectiveness towards the end. Ingrid finally gets 'friends'. Everyone has a contrived nature.

Best Lines:

“Prayer hands emoji.”

“Are you an escort?”


“Are you a drug dealer?”


“How can I nourish you today?”


“Still uses a flip phone.”

“Is he your drug dealer?”

“Favourite person I've ever met!”

“It is a bit sketch.”

“I'll pay for it okay? Some of it. All of it?”

“Done all of your cocaine.”

“Sparkle emoji.”

“It's exhausting.”

“Weird freak!”

“Your brother is a drug addict! Your husband is an alcholic who f**king hates you!CYou pretend to be some cool LA chick but you're full of sh*t!”

“You were lame and basic and you had no friends!”

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