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Movie Review: Westwood: Punk – Icon – Activist (2019) 👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗

This boring documentary is about 'punk rock provacateur' Vivienne Westwood. She lived no gentle life and seems like an unforgiving raging narcissist. This was a complete failure. This was confounding and full of deranged ideas. This was not soul plundering and is a grim descent into self obsession. This was irritating and not soulfully earnest. This was very dumb.

This was stale and redundant and horrendous. Westwood has shrieking tizzies. This was poor and bad. This was a floundering clunker that was vastly tedious, directionless and unentertaining. People laughed at her clothes the first time out. Her clothes were squalid. This was a terrible failure and not charmingly weird. Kate Moss and Pamela Anderson speak and we see Naomi Campbell's famous fall.

Best Lines:

“Intellectually bored.”

“Mr big bollocks.”

“Invited on the show to be a joke.”

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