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Unnatural Selection 1x02 + The Blacklist 6x21 + White Collar 3x08 Reviewed

The First To Try
There is a roller rink and a disabled man whose words you cannot understand. People need very expensive treatments. It is pointed out that Jonas Salk didn’t patent the polio vaccine. Biohackers are narcissistic egomaniacal morons. There are mentions of Iran and bio hackers act in shifty fashion. This was meh,

Anna McMahon
Nathan Darrow guest starred as the AAG plots against the POTUS or something. This show long stopped being good. A family had unwitting possession of a flash drive. Red and his tics bore. Liz is his loyal enforcer. Some bitch is aggrieved. There is no formidable intellect. Red never has an unexpressed thought. Liz ditched Agnes but now wants her back.

Wasn’t Ressler a drug addict? Liz thinks her dead mommy was evil. TPTB need to end this lunacy. Nobody makes the right decisions. The POTUS is evil and TPTB are unsubtle as to who inspired him. Red does a drive by. There are coercion measures and no universal enthusiasm for this. Red boasts about blackmailing the POTUS.

Unfounded conjecture is spewed. People minimise the seriousness of what goeth on. Red is retributive. Red has unquestioning support. Nobody is emotionally candid. There is a degree of cruelty. Liz is completely unafraid. Red is universally feared. This show is in a profoundly sorry state. McMahon is pronounced wrong. The plot is overly complicated. Ressler is useless. The task force are arrested and framed.

Best Lines:
So much for underwhelming.”


“Involved in a plot to assassinate himself.”

“Go out as a martyr.”

As You Were
Sara is onto Neal. Peter’s creepy obsession with Neal is creepy. Jones bores. This was boring and full of bad acting. Neal runs around in Navy dress whites looking like a stripper.

Best Line:
“Guilty people do guilty things.”
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