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Movie Review: Secret Obsession (2019)

He’s there to take care of her - one way or another. A man asserts ownership of a woman with amnesia; he has people totally deceived and claims she is his wife. She is betrayed by the very person she thought she could trust. He’s not her husband; he killed her husband and parents, has her captive in a remote mcmansion and wants gratitude.

She’s in fear of her life in a time of heightened tensions. This is not an emotional telling. There is a lack of care or urgency. This was okay. Her worthless fake husband makes her uneasy. How did health insurance work? People are moribund and contribute nothing of relevance. It is farcical how obviously evil her fake husband is. The woman has amnesia and went home with her fake husband for lack of a better place to go.

A cop with attitude searches for the truth. The fake husband is an existential threat. She is an absolute necessity to him. There is no moral or rational weight. She’s trapped in a mcmansion amid credulity and incompetence and grievance and cynicism. The crazy stalker meances her. Dennis Haysbert is wasted as the cop.
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