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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

‘Daybreak’ promo
WTF is this?

‘Harpoon’ clip
Try hard.

‘Antlers’ trailer

‘Hallmark Channel Christmas’ SNL skit
James Franco.

I feel disillusionment.

Rewatched ‘Z Nation’ 1x01: there was a plane stuck in a building, Simon’s co-workers left him behind and there was a ‘Walking Dead’ shoutout. Poor Camp Blue Sky was over-run. How did Addy have henna in the post-apoc? Is someone mowing the grass? Doc made pink ice? Was that meth? This show is desaturated. Addy took photos of the post-apoc world.

Sad to say after 5 seasons, this show ended without a conclusion. How was a zombie driving a bus? 10k was on the roof all along?
Dead star walking 2 fought zombies with a hammer. Michael from ‘Lost’ got eaten by a zombie Tiny Tears doll. Where do they get all their ammo? This show was good.

Best Lines:
“We might be back someday.”

“For what government?”

“Down and dead.”

“Give mercy.”


“ZM1 virus.”

“God’s mercy.”

“Go get eaten by a baby!”

‘Escape To The Chateau’ Quote:
“Stuck in a Mexican standoff with a Polish couple.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Out of the public’s mind.”

“Reflect on his own role in the saga.”

“Could hardly have come closer to defeat.”

“Heritable component.”

“Got no show of gratitude.”

“In such fear of him they regularly barricaded themselves into locked rooms of their homes.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Distractive questions.”

‘G.I Joe’ Quote:
“He was about to launch into a speech about heroism and resilience and I just...I wasn’t in the mood.”

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Quote:
“Peeing into mason jars.”
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