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Unnatural Selection (2019) 1x01 + Supergirl 5x01 + Covert Affairs 5x11-5x14 Reviewed

Cut, Paste, Life

This is a limited series about DIY gene meddling. A creepy dog breeder messes with dog genes in a shed. This documentary is bizarre. The opening credits are meh. People mess with the DNA of mice to erdicate Lyme disease. People order CRISPR kits off the internet and they are used by uneducated hipster idiots with no idea or concern about what they are doing.

There is questionable behaviour and judgement and advances that are not desirable but are possible. There are dangerous and divisive views. There are terrifying implications for the planet. Idiots with ill-conceived plans do 'science' in their garage and shed. The dog breeder is just a dog abuser. This was very very worrying. What catastrophic impact will these idiots have?

Best Lines:

“You'd be suprised what there is on youtube.”

“Age fast and die young.”

“Evolution doesn't care.”

“In service to our morality.”

“The potential of what can be done here.”

“Profoundly risky technology.”

“Editing DNA.”


“Trust is in short supply in our society.”

“Deeply deeply afraid of.”

“Stupid ethical arguments.”

“Doesn't seem very bioethical.”

“DIY biopeople.”

Event Horizon

Lena's angry. Where's Lucy Lane or Maxwell Lord? Kara's still lying. Lena sells CatCo to spite Kara. As for Kara she whines. She won a Pulitzer? FFS. This was honestly awful. Where's Snapper Carr? Andrea the new boss bitches. Kara reveals herself to Lena. If only Clark had done that on 'Smallville'. Kara has a new costume. James quits. Kara is commendabrly unpleasant and finally tries to rectify her relationship with Lena but it's too late.

Trigger Cut

Annie's new man trash is in a coma and then not. A hooker is exploited. This was deeply terrible. Eyal shows up. Some drunk guy rants at Auggie and then dies.

Starlings Of The Slipstream

Auggie's been arrested again and he makes the season plot arc all about him. Joan is in trouble. Arthur has barely been in this season. Annie is moronic. This was moronic.

She Believes

Annie's the dumbest bitch alive. Auggie is missing. Joan whines. Annie is awful and blackmails a guy. Ryan bullies some punk. Annie tries to be a hardcase. This is laughable.

Best Line:

“I can take everything from you.”

Transport Is Arranged

The USS Cole is brought up. Auggie is beat up. Fake English accents are put on. We get flashbacks to Auggie and his meathead gang of warmongers. Annie's a violent loon. I hate this show. Auggie's bimbo is bothered. Arthur mentions his dead bastard son.

Best Line:
"My team was trained to fight back. So they did."

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