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Book Review: The Bartered Brides

The Bartered Brides: The Elemental Masters by Mercedes Lackey

This was pretty bad and a dreadful mistake. Holmes fakes his death and Lackey scorns Conan Doyle's work and credibility is squandered. Lestrade shows up. There is racism, sex crimes and no escalation of horror. Baddies do not emanate malevolence. There is no gothic foreboding or dark amusement. I was uncaring. Logic is actively rejected. There is jelly aka jam in Victorian London. A pimp called Old Don is a stunningly unsubtle 'parody' of Trump. FFS. There is 'cockney' slang.

Best Lines:

“My campaign against that villain, Proffessor Moriarty, and his fiendish gang?”

“You can never leave me.”

“Don't worry this won't hurt for long.”

“Perfect obedience was all he needed.”

“No form of afterlife they had been taught to expect.”

“Thet's more like t'make 'im mad.”

“Teach you in serve him and serve him well!”

“I shall teach you your place!”

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