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Movie Reviews: 93 Days + The Haunting Of Briar House + Wounds + Hot Pursuit 🤮😷🤮🤒🤒🤮😷🤮

93 Days (2016)

Ebola arrives in Lagos in 2014 in this true story. Danny Glover is in this. People have deep concern as Ebola spreads. There do not seem to be isolation facilities or equipment. How do the Ebola patients charge their iphones? Someone rips their wig off. There are no sheets on the Ebola patients beds. A doctor's face mask fogs up and people die but some live. This was very very worthy.

Best Lines:

“Public health is not for me.”

“When is it not terrible?”

“Problem developing here.”

“New viruses would crawl out of the jungle.”

“Index patient.”

“I wish my father was wrong.”

“Doomsday scenario.”

“Willing to allow to happen?”


“Died of a terrible disease.”

“Sick and terrified man.”

The Haunting Of Briar House (2015)

This was contrived and stupid and made by the pathologically talentless.

Wounds (2019)

Armie Hammer goes nuts or something. A barkeep (Hammer) gets weird customers in his grotty bar. A phone is left behind and there is creepy stuff on it. This was baffling and farcical. Is there Lovecraftian stuff? Why don't the health department close him down? There are roaches and Dakota Johnson. This was bad.

Hot Pursuit (2015)

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara do buddy comedy. It reeks of sexism and bad jokes and try hardness.

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