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The Best You Can Be

Paul Rudd attention seeks in this show in which he plays a giant loser. He's de-skilling and yet lives in a mcmansion with a loving wife. Stop whining you medicore man! He won't go for fertility testing but will go to a 'spa'. I hate this guy. This is rapidly worsening and racist. Rudd is very very awkward to deal with. Rudd is replaced by a clone. He's set in his nature and his demands. This was sexist and had no artistic credibility.

Best Lines:

“If you're that desperate, I'll give you a tug job.”

“You tried to murder me.”

Brink Of The Clouds

Auggie and Annie are horrible people now. TPTB did brutal dispersment of all the good qualities of this show. Annie gets her medicine illegally as she defies the norms. Her pretence is not virtuous. The CIA shrug off enchanced interrogation. There is CIA perfidy. Annie exists to be beloved. This show is a terrible indictment of the CIA. Pink Ranger pries. Max Martini and Rossif Sutherland of 'Reign' guest star. A malefic CIA agent has got himself into something there is no escape from. The inevitable result of Annie's lies is trouble. This was truly awful. A drone is used and there are stupid choices and bad VFX.

Best Line:

“That kind of thing doesn't go unnoticed.”


The CIA got it wrong. Annie and Auggie are busted for their lies. Annie makes demands. Auggie is horrible to Pink Ranger. Annie makes stupid choices. Auggie the lying cheater who whored himself out to make someone a mark lectures Pink Ranger on morals. There is a sudden and inevitable betrayal. Stop being bad!

Best Line:

“In your version of this story, you're the good guy.”

Spit On A Stranger

Annie quits and she and Auggie do something stupid, again. Auggie lies and smugs. Annie's a moron. The CIA whine about a bombing ignoring all the bombings they carry out! This was stupid.

Best Lines:

“Hot sync.”

“Tool of last resort.”

Sensitive Euro Man

Auggie keeps on lying. Why isn't he fired? Annie has a type. Pink Ranger is made out to be the bad guy for doing the right thing. Annie and Auggie are cosseted lying liars who lie. Someone is shot. Pink Ranger tries to arrest Annie. A baddie is IDed. YAWN.


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