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United States of Tara Season 1 Ep 6 Review


Tara’s horrible parents pay a visit and they want to take Tara’s kids. Meanwhile Kate is being manipulated by her vile boss, Max works frantically to stave off an appearance by any of the alters, Charmine sulks over being overlooked, Marshall sulks and Tara takes matters into her own hands.

This was the best episode since the pilot. So much family drama in this one: Charmine’s distain for Marshall, more hints of Tara’s boarding school nightmare and revelations about previous childcare arrangements. Then there is the bizarre night time goings on and the perpetual sour face on the part of Tara’s mother (Pamela Reed of ‘Jericho’)

Best Lines:
“My kids are safe. Maybe you should have spent more time looking after yours.”

“You are not going to transition and leave me alone with these people."
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