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Unseen Powers Of The Picket Fence

'Celebrity Hunted' was better than this. People inflict various indignities on each other. Quality isn't ever going to be a possibility in this season. There are are causes and consequences. One needs relentless patience to get through this. CIA agents do exactly as they please. This was catastrophically shoddy. Who's Ryan?

Nobody is self-critical. Joan has delicate distain. These people have long since made their moral choice. Nobody is of the highest integrity. There is no intangible edge of meance or righteous foreboding. The Pink Ranger lurks. Where's Annie's awful sister? One has complete distain for this.

Best Line:

“I don't think the term applies.”

Silence Kit

People blather about the NSA. Annie gets into a car crash. She's CIA, she'll get away with everything. Annie lies. Annie is the sort of person who'd kill a teenage boy and smug about how she got away with it @@. Arthur doesn't seem to care about his dead bastard son. Eyal is seen in flashback. Why was Jai murdered? Auggie lies for Annie. This bored.

Elevate Me Late

Hill Harper's character is useless at this point. A hacker is asked for help. I've no idea what is going on or why. Auggie whores himself and is sick of Annie's crap. No wonder this was cancelled, all the fun was surgically removed. Even season 4 was better than this turd.

Embassy Row

Auggie shags the hacker, wasn't he just shagging the former Pink Ranger?!? Annie is attacked by her mark. Pink Ranger lurks around Auggie the cheating liar who lies and whores himself. Lord this show sucked at this point.

Chapter Eighteen: The Miracle Of Sabrina Spellman

Miranda Otto and her terrible acting ruins this show. This show killed the comic. Sabrina seriously disrupts. Nick wants Sabrina. Poor Harvey is this show's chewtoy. The Spellmans eat 'Graveyard Pops!' for breakfast. Where do witches shop? People have discomfort and anxiety about Sabrina who negatively reinforces. Sabrina heals the blind Roz. Lord Blackwood minces home, he's the antipope now (briefly).

Lord Blackwood has bewitched his wife into being a Stepford witch. Sabrina is horrible and dislikable. What's in the mine? There is no ominious forehoding. Prudence is an idiot. This was inadequate and unambitious and ineffectual and this stupidity leaves you uninterested.

This was ludicrous and catastrophically wrong. Warlocks enchanted their wives. Lilith rips out a rib. Sabrina exacerbates tension and conflict. Lord Blackwood is quickly stripped of his antipope role. Sabrina does magic. This was trite. Theo's thick. Sabrina loves her dark lipstick. What is that red gunk they're eating? The witch's paranoid absolutism goes on. Harvey found something in the mine. William B. Davis of 'The X Files' guest stars.

Best Lines:

“She slaughtered 2 angels.”

“Like unto a god.”

“You looked like Dark Phoenix.”

“Does she control the weather now?”

“Armed her for vengeance.”

“Brought yourself back to life.”

“Lethal action.”

“Can't have any messiahs, unholy or otherwise runnng around.”

“Unable to make my own chocies.”

“Might I suggest?”

“Might you not.”

“You displease the Dark Lord.”

“Warned you about church kids.”

“A voice coming from Tunnel 13.”

“You ever seen that movie 'The Descent'?”

“I am the herald of hell. I am evil.”

Chapter Nineteen: The Mandrake

Sabrina is the Dark Lord's sword. Did people think Sabrina was tripping at her party? Nick's vile. Roz whines. Sabrina does more bone-headed and dubious things. She's irresponsible and has obstinate refusal to see sense. There are misplaced contentions in this dreary and ill-considered ep. William B. Davis guest stars again.

Sabrina is catastrophising and lamenting. What was the point of Dorian? Where is Salem? People babble about mandrake. This was particularly appalling. What about the dead witch boy in season 1? There is disharmony and ongoing upset. Lord Blackwood rants and unveils a statue of himself and proclaims a Church Of Judas. This was pretty ghastly. Witches love satan yet object to sexism. Lilith has clearly questionable motives. A Sabrina double runs around. I cannot take any more of this terrible terrible show.

Best Lines:

“Has ruinous plans.”

“Remade in his image.”

“Infernal in nature.”

“Witch suicide.”

“Deeply unstable times.”

“Satanic greatness.”

Collision Course

I hate this show with a passion you can only dream of. The moon encounters a planet. How do they have air? They encounter aliens who speak English. James Bond is ripped off. People are aggressive sterotypes. People are utterly irrational and stupid.

Best Lines:

“Dangerously concerned.”

“Your odyssey shall know no end.”

War Games

The moon starts a war with yet more aliens. How far from Earth are they? This was dumb. I swear I hard Anthony Stewart Head's voice in this. There is a time travel cop out ending.


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