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Book Reviews: A Study In Sable + Beautiful Disaster 🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶🛶

A Study In Sable by Mercedes Lackey

This 'Elemental Masters' novel sees 2 snots teeming up with Holmes and Watson to fight evil. There are vague threats, baddies who lack all motives, fraught battles and characters stealing admiration from Conan Doyle's creations. This was declinist and a tedious whinge and dreadful.

People have clearly questionable motives. Characters act a bit demented and this was an irritant and a total failure. This triggers hostility and Holmes is subjected to verbal abuse and the words used to describe him are emotive and negative.

This does not resonate and was unjustifable. This was unimaginably horrific and causes unstoppable misery and quickly falls into irrelevance.

Best Line:

“Middle class morality.”

Beautiful Disaster: A Privilege Novel by Kate Brian

This goodish 2009 novel is the 2nd in the 'Privilege' series. Ariana has conned her way into Atherton-Pryce boarding school. She makes new friends, plans to steal the captain of the crew team from his girlfriend and tries to control her persistent homicidal rage. She's always lying and never accepts the personal consequences of her actions. But this boarding school is not entirely idyllic. Ariana is incapable of taking some responsibility as she feigns calm and ignores moral virtures.

The ending twist which sees a serious escalation in Ariana's misfortunes defies all logic. Doesn't her constant vigilance tire her out? What is a wireless shop or a wireless company? There is talk of inns in Ireland. There are ipods and flip-phones and a blackberry. The legal drinking age is ignored. What are cigarette pants? When did Ariana get waxed? How does she know how to be a cox? Nobody goes to class. She plans to go to Princeton? Yeah right, sure. She doesn't seem to think about running into anyone who knows her real identity at Princeton.

Best Lines:

“This hallowed private school for the ridiculously overprivileged.”

“Laughed at her work – right in her face.”

“Psycho, drooling bed wetters with substandard vocabularies and violent tendencies.”

“Ignorant of their lives.”

“Were of some consequence.”

“Girls of consequence.”

“Only the guilty ran.”

“Had nothing bad ever happened to these people?”

“It seems we have a thief on campus.”

“What are they, admitting scholarship students now?”

“My one and only chance.”

“If you tell anyone, you will regret it.”

“This was very not good.”

“There's definitely something weird going on here.”

“Sounds needlessly difficult to me,”

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