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Insatiable 2x01 + Space: 1999 1x02 + The Name Of The Rose (2019) 1x01 + The Rook 1x05 Reviewed


This show is what Tennesse Williams saw when he was high. This isn't intellectually rigorous or hugely exceptional. There is exposition and co-existing problems. Nobody emotes convincingly. There is no moral certitude. Where did Bob and Patty get all the clingfilm from in the woods at night? One 'murder victim' is not dead.

There is furtiveness. Bob and Patty face travails. Patty has no graciousness, she dodges her responsibility. This causes no enduring fascination. The bitch is homeless. This is not a fascinating insight into Southern Gothic. There is no good judgement. Other Bob and Bob's wife Coralee nearly get it on as an inevitable consequence of being selfish a-holes.

There is no moral ambiguity. Bob is a source of mystification. One is not really intrigued by this. There are no thoughtful acts. Wild pigs eat Christian's corpse. No great loss. Other Bob figures stuff out about the noxious Roxy. Nobody is socially appropriate. People have a lack of interest in social rules. Where did Patty's red sequin dress go?

People are impetuous, have deep hostility and duplicity and are morally repugnant. There is no good dispute resolution. They don't meet the standards of civilised society. Patty wants the affection she's always been denied. There is a storm of mistrust and misunderstanding. Coralee does not welcome Bob home. Magnolia is missing. Other Bob is mean and his role in people's lives should be a lot less than this.

Brick's dumb. Heather is unyielding. I tried very hard to find something enjoyable about this. There is no fierce intensity. This interested me not at all. Patty carries on her way no matter how much the damage that causes to herself and the people around her. People have malicious satisfaction. There is nefarious intent. Roxy is awful and ungrateful.

Patty has an obvious and ignored eating disorder. Magnolia shows up. Roxy wins the contest du jour and promptly gets murdered, no great loss. Problems with season 1 are addressed. What happened to Magnolia? Who killed Roxy? Patty wants Roxy's crown. Coralee whines.

Best Lines:

“I killed 2 people Bob! 2!”

“That explains so much.”

“What would Deter Morgan do?”

“Joke's on me.”

“Wear pleated pants and listen to The Eagles.”

“So much drama.”

“Falling back on your second choice.”

“Black Regina George?”

“Queens arrive on time!”

“A head receipt.”

“Eat everything else.”

“I have nothing.”

“The crown was my future.”

“Did you eat them out of the trash?”

Force Of Life

Ian McShane is a stupid yelling man. There is no deeper unity or purpose or values as the moon heads into deep space. This was bad.

The Name Of The Rose (2019) 1x01

It's 1327 and this was based on the book. There are battles and Papal issues. The opening credits are dull. Rupert Everett and John Turturro and Tcheky Karyo and Peter Davison and Michael Emerson co star in this. William Of Baskerville gets an apprentice. There is political and religious turmoil which is wilfully confusing but not deliciously creepy. This was okay despite the babbling and being unrelentingly grim and sobering.

Best Line:

“Church of paupers.”

Chapter 5

Are people happy with their choices? The plot is stupid and full of idiots and the heroine has a sister. There is wanton and reckless conduct. I won't bother with 1x06.

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