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Joker/Harley Criminal Sanity Issue 1 Reviewed

An Ava Max looking Dr Harley Quinn is a profiler hunting a serial killer named Joker. The art is black and white apart from the colour flashbacks. Batman exists. Harley's girlfriend Edie (Poison Ivy) was killed by the Joker. Why does Harley not use her real name? Wayne tech is used. Batman caused a car crash that killed a boy's mother. Is the missing child John the Joker? This Batman has no Robin. This was okay but not as good as 'Harleen'.

Best Lines:

“Is that rookie puking?”

“Cold case is code for no one will ever look at the file again unless the case is featured on a docuseries a decade from now.

“A monster everyone believed in, but nobody had ever seen.”

“I haven't made the best choices.”

“He just stopped hiding it.”

“Maintaining a false belief even if logic contradicts it.”

“Evil exists. Watching is from the house next door, a cubicle down the hall, or the checkout line at the grocery store.”

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