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Manhunt: Unabomber 1x07&1x08 + The Blacklist 6x19 + Space: 1999 (1975-1977) 1x01 Reviewed 🌑🌑🌑


I didn't bother with 1x06. There is volatility and destabilising consequences. The FBI sneak. A conscious decision was made by the FBI not to listen to Fitz, until they finally did. This was not heartfelt. Ted has questionable things about his character. This was just ep after ep of the FBI making scornful assessments of and having shared opposition to Fitz.

The media threaten to run the story about the suspect. The media are irresponsible and dismissive. Nobody acts in a positive co-operative manner. Chris Noth yells and has significant antipathy. There are destabilising consequences. There is a dishonourable pattern of acts. This was much ado about nothing. People talk. The FBI wants to lure the Unabomber out.

Ted's arrested. The media harass Ted's brother and they cover the windows. There is a climate of hostility. The Unabomber broods. Old news footage is seen. Ted's cabin is very small. Ted graduated from Harvard and was a teacher now he's a criminal.

Best Lines:

“Fingered by relatives.”

“Quiet loner.”

“Described as a hermit.”

USA VS. Theodore J. Kaczynski

A helicopter flies Ted's cabin away. There are negative connotations. People gawp. The nice opening credits are shown. Ted lectures his lawyer. This was an unmitigated disaster. Ted's arrogant and is he mentally ill? The FBI manipulate Ted. He lived a life of his choosing. Ted pleads guilty and waives his right to appeal. There is no misgivings and all the criticism that was heaped on Fitz is forgotten.

This causes a crushing lack of enthusiasm. Ted ends up in solitary at a supermax. The show sneers at David for being called a hero. This was disheartening and causes a lack of interest. Fitz and his new woman hook up. This show systematically fails. The pervasive hostility to Fitz was sad.

Wasn't he living on the land at the start of 1x01? Fitz was scoffingly dismissed. Ted's in a tiny cell. The FBI perpetuated the ignoring, silencing and mocking of Fitz. WTF is with Fitz staring at a traffic light at the end?

Best Lines:

“This reeks of desperation?”

“Is this supposed to intimidate me?”

“Spend the rest of my life appealing.”

“Convoluted form of logic.”


Liz has a grandfather? Where's Agnes? Red isn't Red. Is her mother really dead? Her mother is seen in extended flashbacks. What is The Cabal? Why did young Liz speak with a US accent? Liz's mother Katarina Rostova has a friend named Ilya (Gabriel Mann of 'Revenge'). A total 'Man From UNCLE' homage. Why were Katarina and Ilya reading an English language newspaper in 1990s Russia? Liz whines.

The real Red was framed as a traitor. Ilya became fake Red. He gave up his whole life. This was all frustration and mundanity. Katarina was sad about real Red being framed and yet she and Ilya made fake Red into an infamous criminal? Didn't Red's old Navy Academy buddy recognise fake Red as Red back in season 1?

There is bitter resentment. This was not gleefully nasty. Stop lying Red! This was badly acted and poorly written. Why did Ilya stay as Red? Was the Ilya/Red story true? How did such a astoundingly limited actress get cast as Liz?

Best Lines:

“She wasn't safe.”

“It's absurd.”

“Step into the lie.”

“Never be able to stop running.”

“I wish I had a different story.”

“Destined to be condemned as a traitor.”


This is a Gerry Anderson tv show that aired on ITV. There's gravity and a nuclear waste disposal site on the moon in 1999. Cough cough. The VFX are cheap. Martin Landau and Barbara Bain star. The opening credits theme music is so 70s. People dress in pyjamas. This was insufficient and devoid of merit. People talk about a rogue planet and brain damage. People go space mad. Roy Dotrice guest stars. There are threatening tones. The moon leaves Earth's orbit! What would that do to the Earth? Bad things. This had more cheese than a fondue.

Best Lines:

“Video picture.”


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