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American Horror Story Apocalypse 8x10 Reviewed 🤯🧨🤯🤬🧨🤯🤬🤯🧨🤬🤯🧨🤬🤬

Apocalypse Then

Nobody notices that various characters look like each other. This was unusually unpleasant. The CEOS are morons as they plan WW3. The antichrist is petulant and bullish. Why didn't the witches kill the CEOs? This will be disremembered. There is inadequacy and inner turmoil.

Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange guest star. 2 witches are put under an identity spell. The time travel spell is planned. Coco wants her good and kind family saved. One is disllusioned. Coco and Mallory are BFFs? There is no moral responsibility. There is outright denial of logic. The antichrist has willpower.

Coco's boyfriend shows up again. With the spell, how did they meet? Why did her driver sacrifice himself to let her live in 8x01? How did Madison get from LA to the swamps? Dinah makes pompous declarations and meets the previous voodoo queen. The witches buried themselves in swamp mud for years to survive the blast? Wouldn't they have been irradiated anyway?

One feels scathing of this. This regrettably fails. The antichrist has self prasie. There is no unkempt grace or bourgeois contempt. There is no brutal reality. The antichrist unleashed catastrophe on the world. Mallory nearly dies but puts an end to his entitlement and impunity via time travel.

With time travel some people remain in hell and others escape their fates. Are Tate and Violet now not reconciled? What about the 2015 Mallory? Did the time travelling Mallory take her place? In the stinger the cute couple get together and have a new antichrist baby. What ate the dead horse outside the outpost?!? Roll on '1984'.

Best Lines:

“Wormwood has fallen from the sky.”

“Bottomless pit has been opened.”

“Ravaged humanity.”

“Your family won't be joining you.”

“Worms crawling up my nose and god knows where else.”

“I was always going to win.”

“Everything is as it should be.”

“Alter someone else's fate.”

“My sisters are legion.”

“7 billion dead in the first 10 minutes.”

“The world is burning.”

“Genetically superior.”

“1000 nuclear bombs?”

“Done no different.”

“Treated me like the help.”

“I don't want you.”

“Horror and misery you keep bringing in this house.”

“Some kind of evil truffle pig.”

“Phil Spector trial wig look.”

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