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Richard Alpert Eps of Lost Season 3&4

I heart Nestor Carbonell.

Season 3

Ep 7: Not in Portland

Flashbacks reveal Juliet's origin story and how she was recurited by a smooth talking Dr Alpert who also had her ex-husband run over by a bus. This was a very good episode. Though Juliet used to have bad hair and clothes. Her perm in the flashback was a horror. Richard was very smooth and looked good in a suit..

Ep 13: The Man from Tallahassee
Locke demands answers from Ben. Richard Alpert shows up as Ben's lackey. Ben has a suprise for Locke. This was okay. Richard looks very dapper. So he's a recuriter for the Others and a helper for Ben?

Ep 16: One of Us
Juliet arrives on the beach. meanwhile flashbacks show her arrival on the island. Did Richard travel to the island with Juliet? Why did she need to be drugged? Did nobody see Richard filming Juliet's sister? Richard has a very creepy smile.

Best Line: "I want to know what you people are doing on this island."

Ep 19: The Brig
Locke is subjected to mind games by Ben and Richard. This was good. Was Richard being sincere with Locke or was he playing him? How come Richard looks dapper in blue shirt and all the other Others look grubby? How did Cindy become an Other so quickly?

Ep 20: The Man Behind the Curtain
Locke tries to manipulate Ben into revealing the secrets of the island. Flashbacks reveal some of Ben's childhood and his role in the purge. This was very good. The purge scenes are creepy. But who ordered it? Ben couldn't have. Was it Widmore? Jacob? Or the other dude? Did Richard order it himself? The pit full of skeltons was very creepy. Who are the Hostiles? Where did they come from? Why was Richard all ragged looking when he first meet Ben when season 5 flashbacks show him looking his usual dapper self? Why did Richard talk to Dharma as shown in season 5 and not Widmore? Was it because part of Richard's role is to protect the leader? What was the stuff on the ground outside Jacob's house? The Richard not aging revelation was good. Who was in the cabin if not Jacob as Season 5 revealed?What happened to Ben's girlfriend Annie? And Olivia? And Horace's wife and child as shown in season 5?

Best Lines:
"There are properties on this island that exist nowhere else on Earth."

"Don't worry. It's just the Hostiles."

"We're having some skirmishes with the natives."
"What do you mean natives?"
"Well, we're not exactly sure who they are."

"Are you one of them?"
"One of who?"
"A Hostile."
"Do you even know what that means?"

"They couldn't even co-exist with the island's original inhabitants. When it became clear that one side had to go, one side had to be purged. I did what I had to do."

Ep 21: Greatest Hits
Ben sets up an unwise attack on the beach. Richard gets antsy. This was good. Why has it taken them this long to try to find the radio tower? How can Charlie suddenly swim?

Ep 22: Through the Looking Glass
The lostaways get everything they ever wanted in the worst possible way. Richard takes the Others to the Temple not to be seen again until season 4 is nearly over. This was due to the actor getting a job on 'Cane'. The Others were building a runway. Was this so the plane could land in season 5?

Best Lines:
"This island is under assault by forces stronger than anything its had to deal with in many, many years and we are meant to protect it."

"Why won't you just let them leave?"
"Because I can't."

""We were not supposed to leave."

Season 4

Ep 11: Cabin Fever

Flashback reveals that Locke has a destiny (which he never achieved thanks to Ben) and that Richard is finally back. Richard is a fascinating character. Shame it took until season 6 for TPTB to make him a regular. This ep had moments both creepy (anything to do with Richard, Claire's apperance in the cabin) and the hilarious (Ben and Hurley splitting an Apollo choclate bar.) Locke didn't recognize Richard when they met again. Ben finally mentions that he wasn't always the leader. Who is in the cabin? Where is Claire? Did Desmond lie to Charlie about Claire's fate? Who or what is Richard? The 1956 Richard looked both dapper and wonderfully creepy. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"I thought you were the leader."
"Not always."

Ep 12: There's No Place Like Home, Part 1
Richard intercepted Sayid and Kate while they were searching for Jack. He told them to put their guns down, revealing that they were surrounded by a number of Others. After disarming the two, he led them into the jungle. Offscreen between parts 1 and 2 Richard made a deal with Sayid and Kate that if they helped the Others rescue Ben, then they could leave the island. Flashforwards show the lying liars Oceanic 6 returning home except their homecoming is full of lies, deceit and a devastating revelation. This was an excellent episode, the best episode of Season 4. But why were the Others wearing their raggedy disguises? It is clear that Richard is far, far more than Ben's consigliere.

Best Lines:
"We're going to move the island."
"Right and how're we going to do that?"
"Very carefully."

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