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American Horror Story 8x07 + Elementary 7x12 + The Spanish Princess 1x06 Reviewed 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄


A voodoo queen gets heartfelt gratitude for helping an unhappy wife feed a man his mistress' heart. She is the new voodoo queen. Cordelia asks her for help. Joan Collins and Lance Reddick guest star. There are no social foundations.

This was nothingness that is not utterly compelling. Witches are worryingly insular. Warlocks groupthink prospers uninterrupted by the outside world. Hyperprivileged witches socialise, work and live in increaisngly sanitised cliques.

People are not altruistic. Witches mercilessly taunt. This was insufferable. Is Michael killing Cordelia? Zoe bores. Mallory is the next Supreme. People have uncompromising position. One does not revell in their tribulations. People are petulant. Warlocks are morons. This was not absorbing.

The warlocks want the witches dead. Nobody notices the stake burning? This was quite ridiculous. Warlocks are increasingly hostile. Where did the boy warlocks go? There is a flashback within a flashback? Billy Porter rants. Cordelia resurrected Myrtle. People intimidate and bully and treat others improperly. Michael's foster mommy was a witch? There is death and the imminent threat is ignored. Nobody is notoriously suspcious.

Best Lines:

“I don't do favours.”

“Who cast that guy?”

“I make trouble.”

Reichenback Falls

Holmes is a moron and sets up Odin. It's such an obvious setup and everyone falls for it. @@

Best Line:

“Morally repulsive alibis.”

A Polite Kidnapping

The dowry won't come and Catherine is on about the holy light of god and how being Queen Of England is her destiny. Rosa and Lina whine. Catherine's sister Juana is now Queen due to their mother being dead. Juana is not a nice person. Lady Pole is a widow and a tax dodger. Juana rants that her husband and father are plotting to steal her crown. She's right. Henry VII gives his snotty son a good slap. Rosa miscarries. Lady Pole makes things even worse for herself. Juna gets one over on her unloved sister. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“What he could have been.”

“Foul powerlust.”

“Die in the gutter where you belong!”

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