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Book Reviews: Privilege + Class Trip II 🏫👠👠👠👠👠👠🏑🏑🏑🥍🥍🥍🥍🦨🦨💄👄💋🌊🌊

Privilege by Kate Brian

This 2008 novel is the 1st in a series spun off from the 'Private' series (which I've never read). Ariana has been locked up in a nut ward for 2 years for murdering people and causing mayhem at her posh boarding school. Now she plans to escape, steal a rich bitch's identity and go to an even posher boarding school. This is an enjoyable if dated and wildly implausible tale.

Ariana is an instigator and selfish loon whose stupid cruelty seems unfathomable. Her psychotic obsession with boarding school makes no sense – isn't she now college age? She loves expensive clothes, make up and murdering people.

There is a shrugged off injury, the bizarre lack of a manhunt for the fugitive loony bin escapee. She feels no misery or shame at murdering people only cruel audacity. She gets a malicious gleam in her eye. This was before social media as her survival depends on no one discovering who she really is. Her unpragmatic survival also depends on her being duplicitous and unforgettably weird.

She wants her lost ambitions back and is incapable of reciprocal bonds of loyalty and friendship. She has no incentive to reform as she is severely troubled. If there is a negative thing to do, she does it. She's no longer respectable, she peaked in high school which is why she wants to go back.

She is entirely reprehensible and impetuous, selfish and morally suspect. She wants her brand names/symbols of power and is like a 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' brat who murders people. One despairs for the future. I'll read book 2. This is good camp fun.

Best Lines:

“D.C. Is, like, one huge slum. I'll probably be shot.”

“Shouldn't you be, like, serving us?”

“To thank him in God knew what way for asking her to marry him.”

“Hungry for a good fall from grace story.”

“Random shouts and screams were a common thing.”

“No one wanted their kids swimming in a lake that harboured a rotting corpse.”

“Dressed all grungy like they couldn't afford Hugo Boss.”

“Look how well that had all turned out. Relatively.”

Class Trip II by Bebe Faas Rice

This 1994 sequel has been reprinted. 3 room temperature IQ-ed teens end up in a small town with a secret straight out of 'The Wicker Man'. Also there's sorta insta love in this okay tale. The stupid teens end up in an awful, regretable, wretched situation.

Best Lines:

“Bring fertility to our fields and to our wives.”

“We're in the middle of nowhere, on a mountain road I can't find on the map and the van's making weird noises.”

“That's honor?”

“Around here it is.”

“All-night pray-in.”

“Locked up the Fire-Maidens or at least the unwilling ones – down here.”

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