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Movie Reviews: Professor Marston And The Wonder Women + The Florida Project + A Stranger Outside

Professor Marston And The Wonder Women (2017)

This flop movie is a biogrpahy of the man (played by Luke Evans) who lived in a threesome, invented the lie detector and Wonder Woman. People accuse him of bad motives and he has no support whatsoever. There are lurid warnings about Wonder Woman. He is a teacher and he and his teacher wife invite a co-ed into their marriage. The co-ed is related to 2 famous radical feminists.

His wife wasn't given a phd because she's a woman. He and his wife obsess over the student/TA. There is expositional dialogue. The man develops an incurable cough of death. This was low budget and seriously wrong. There is stigma bashing and this was not witty, shocking or humourous. The man was in the OSS.

Olive the co-ed has a fiancee who is sour, surly, bitter and cynical and does frustrated bursts of plain speaking. There are ACTINGS in this dreadful film. Olive's fiancee has agitation, irritability and aggressiveness. There is recrimination and the wife with no phd has to work as a secretary.

They face down social critics and they have long existed under disapproval. People are unable to comprehend them. Olive is piteous. People react quite negatively to them. This was not revelatory or insightful or innovative.

A glass plane is played with. The man has kids by both women. This was abysmally supid and infuriating. A gold bustier is worn, rope is wielded and there is S&M. One could see the man as carrying out constricting and abusive behaviour not 'philosphical concerns'. He creates Wonder Woman and is published by Oliver Platt. He has very strong desires. Connie Britton was in this. We learn what became of the real people involved and see photos of them.

Best Lines:

“Not that.”

“Noise and hostility and lies.”

“Panting after some co-ed.”

“Sexual perversions.”

“Annual baby party.”

“I'm the one asking the questions.”

“Why should that be?”

“Then be here.”

“That war is not heroic.”

“A lonely rock between England and Ireland.”

“Emotional illness.”

“The world won't let it.”

“Let's forget the sex part.”

“The emotions of normal people.”

“We are ruined! All of us!”

“As if I had a choice.”

“I do not care what most of America thinks.”

“Fights nazis and rides in an invisible plane.”

“Nobody will ever publish this.”

“Cut the kink!”

“Who are you to judge us?”

“Are you happy?”

“Does it matter?”

“Change Wonder Woman's outfit. It's preposterous.”

The Florida Project (2017)

Willem Dafoe stars in this tale of an unfit mother and her poor neglected child. People live at a motel one doesn't inhabit by choice. Does the child go to school? The mother is an out of work stripper. She has money for hair dye and tattoos but not food or rent for a decent place to live. The kids are bratty and out of control and can't act. The kids cause destruction of property. The main kid is a massive out of control brat. The ending sucks.

Best Line:

“Dead fish in the pool!”

A Stranger Outside (2018)

Sub-par Lifetime pap that doesn't stand up to social interrogation.

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