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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Accident' promo

Looks overwrought.

'Doctor Sleep' trailer


'Zombieland Double Tap' trailer


Gluten free millionaires shortbread- nice.

Roast beef – nice.

I have unfinished emotional business with my ex. My ex was utterly false and I was sure he was the one person I could totally count on. I crave the love my ex once had for me. He was unable or unwilling to commit. My ex is so low, he'd have to dig up to kiss a worm's ass.

I'd try brie, plum and walnut sandwiches and rose petal sandwiches.

What is high tea?

Who saw 'Gleaming The Cube' or 'Mr Holland's Opus'?

I won't read 'Cold Storage', 'An Annoymous Girl' or 'Growing Things'.

I'll review 'Privilege' and 'Mercy'.

I want over the knee stretch boots.

A G & Tea is a thing?

'Midsomer Murders' Quotes:

“At last you're hearing me.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Grief work.”

“Anybody of suspicion.”

“Level of threat.”

“Lie behaviour.”

“Deception detection.”

“Murder is a big word.”

“No one wants to be around her.”

“Your logic for this.”

“Very serious speculation.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Nests made in graves and tombs.”

“Skewering our perception of love in horrific and insidious ways.”

“Auditioning for someone else's approval.”

“Boast of enduring national greatness.”

“Made one massive, unforgivable mistake from which there can be no redemption.”

“Now expresses regret for the consequences of his decision.”

“Cannot bring himself to apologise for the decision itself for that would be to assume a culpability which would cast too dark and indelible a shadow on his conscience.

“Worms coming out of a tap.”

“Forcibly condemn.”

“Harder guys.”

“Cloak of benevolence.”

“Prepared to go that far how much further is he prepared to go?”

“Visual reporter.”

“The iconic figure of the bulldog on the cliffs of Dover with a cigar, defying the Hun.”

“Complete scam, built on trust, chutzaph and charm.”

“Records that can't be accessed, apologies that haven't been issued.”

“A pointed look.”

“Brings out some latent rage.”

“It is never intended as a compliment.”

“Taught you what love looked and it felt like,”

“Self-worth exists entirely independently of the opinion of whatever man happens to wander into your life.”

“Could have saved it but chose not to do so.”

“Cannot believe such a move could even be considered.”

“Priest-ridden theocracy.”

“Treated as a god in the community.”

“Ashamed of his very existence.”

“Crumbling traditions of passivity, puritanism and bigotry.”

“Vague cultural memory.”

“Exist to serve someone else's needs,”

“Performative coupledom.”

“Moral stance.”

“Love is longing for safety, respect, affection – and never receiving them.”

“Love is never feeling loved back.”

“Grateful for any attention you get.”

“Intense cruelty, then intense relief in the moment the explicit cruelty stops.”

“Social outlets.”

“Don't really want to expend the effort to have that conversation.”

'Escape To The Chateau' Quotes:

“Pear slush.”

“Money in the bank to pay for our heating.”


“Luxury glamping experience.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Nobody from the outside is welcome.”

'Sliders' Quotes:

“I think we better get indoors.”

“And their ability to eat through walls renders most buildings extremely vulnerable to attack.”

“Who's the President?”

“Oliver North.”

“I hated the 60s when it was the 60s!”

'The Kids Are Alright' Quote:

“Everybody blames you.”

'South Park' Quotes:

“False sense of paradise.”

“Break your dick off!”

'New Tricks' Quotes:

“1st year gardening club dug it up by mistake.”

“Nuclear winter raging above you.”

“This is where the chosen 600 would have come to wait it out?”

'Cogadh Faoi Cheilt' Quote:

“Punishment rations.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Desperate nostalgia.”

“Bikini bartender.”

“Take off their underwear and fling it onstage.”

“Doesn't always end well.”

Unhealthy respect for authority.”

“Angry rants at public meetings.”

“Has scant symmpathy.”

“A position he had very little qualification for,”

“Blamed for causing their own fate.”

“Abrupt and widespread change in the social and cultural landscape.”

“Desperately want them out of the house.”

“Ominious body language.”

“Affect nonchalance.”

“Transformative belief.”

“Gone from a one-woman Edinburgh Fringe Show to being the most sought-after creative talent in the world.”

“Dangerous to be around.”

“Saviour fantasy.”

'Egypt's Lost Pyramid' Quote:

“Decoy pyramids.”

'Privilege' Quote:

“Chosen to mock her instead of thank her.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Luke and Darren rip each others shirts off in a kitchen. Tony can't kick down a door. Scott steals Cleo's man. I feel a lack of positive sentiment.

Ruby Rose as Batwoman.

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