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The Spanish Princess 1x04 + Elementary 7x11 Reviewed 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

The Battle For Harry

There are plots against Henry VII. The King stares at a lion. Bullfights were a thing in this time? Is Henry wearing a blackwork shirt? Henry VII's mother has imperturbable distain for Catherine. Things are increasingly volatile. Catherine has no idea of how her much wanted marriage would have a dire outcome. It would see her contemptuously rejected. Meanwhile resentments are fuelled.

My Lady The King's Mother has long standing loathing for Catherine. Henry VII is absent, disinterested and disengaged. There is verbal anger. Catherine makes her untrue claim which has painful repercussions. There are festering disputes and a constant aggressive attitude.

Henry and Charles Brandon get their shirts off and stroll around in their leather trousers. There is a contentious dispute. Henry is adamant on marrying Catherine, he would be equally adamant years later on divorcing her. Catherine has desperation and frustration. Catherine is not as violently unhappy as she would become.

Catherine is maniputively devious. My Lady The King's Mother has vitriolic fury. There are vicious intrigues. The Poles are dolts and thick wits who have unrestrained petulance and unpleasant gleeful malice and seething resentment. Henry VII blames the death of his universally beloved Queen on the Poles. Henry is a charmer. The Poles lack a modicum of sense. Margaret is to head to Scotland. Henry VII deeply resents the Poles. A Dudley shows up. Was sugar a thing in Henry VII's England?

Best Lines:

“God hates the bloody Tudors.”

“You need to bathe.”

“Wicked lies.”

“Barren lying harlot.”

“An unclean thing.”


“That will not be my fate! I will be Queen of England!”


Holmes' dad shows up. Where is Mycroft? John Noble overacts. Holmes is an ass, a smug ass. Holmes takes on Odin. James Frain was a far more interesting baddie on 'The Cape'. Watson smugs and can't act. Morland Holmes dies. 🤮 This show sucks.

Best Line:

“Spewing alarming rants.”

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