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Movie Reviews: Head Count + The Wicker Man + For The Birds

Head Count (2018)

A group of idiots meet up to hang out, their future does not encompass all they can conceive. There is talking and this is pitiful and pathetic and extraordinarily stupid. The sullen morons are utterly wearying.

Best Line:

“I promise you I'm not a redneck.”

The Wicker Man (1973)

Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee star in this cult horror. A cop (Woodward) has absolute dedication to god and being annoying. He ends up on an island of pagans led by the creepy Lee. There is a very obvious butt double. There is suspicious activity and ehtically different raving lunatics with murderous intent and unkindly intentions.

Ingrid Pitt lurks. Woodward is the architect of his own downfall. There is a lack of good order on the island and the islanders are devoid of scruple. This was bereft of subtlety and people are very far from welcoming. Woodward is deeply suspicious but not enough. The ending is infamous. This is not good.

Best Lines:

“Despicable little liars.”

“Where is the rotting body?”

“Strangely unconcerned.”

“Play the fool. That's what you're here for.”

For The Birds (2018)

A fowl documentary about a woman who has a long single-minded pursuit of bird ownership. Animal police cause serious disruption to their lives and saw the fowl sent to a farm animal sanctuary. There is a cat. The woman is estranged from her daughter and grand-daughters. The woman, Kathy, has obvious mental health issues. The authorities are useless. We see news footage of the SPCA seizing 95 birds. Is Kathy a hoarder?

Things are beyond crisis point. People are intervening in Kathy's life in an unwelcome way. Kathy has deep mistrust and won't look at her own shortcomings. There is pessimism and negativity and yelling. This was okay. The SPCA do a new offensive agaisnt Kathy. A clip titled 'Neglected ducks get their first swim' apepars on youtube and on morning tv shows. There are blistering judgments on Kathy.

Best Lines:

“Only 2 turkeys.”

“Challenge for her to surrender the turkeys.”

“I was lied to about that!”

“Living in hell.”

“Chicken hoarder.”

“Approved adoption homes.”

“Unruly lawyer.”

“Fecal stew.”

“Negative attention.”

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