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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Prodigal Son' 1x02 promo


'Guidance' was crap.

I won't read 'Creep' or 'The Twisted Ones'.

Who saw 'Casino'?

No Lex in 'Crisis'. 😫

An 'Arrow' spinoff with Mia and Laurel? Sigh.

Sam Neill in 'Jurassic World'?!?

I didn't know my relationship could be shattered so quickly. 💔

The cats on 'Escape To The Chateau' – sliding on the frozen moat and running aorund being cute. 🐈😀

'Murder She Wrote' Quote:

“Greasy trousers.”

'Hollyoaks' Quotes:

“Devious little liar.”

“You're not really dying?”

“I'm assuming it involves the words miracle cure!”

“Dying damsel.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Ill treatment by words and actions and looks.”

“Damning rebuke.”

“Dreadful, dreadful.”

“Leaked rather mysteriously.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Very apparent age gap.”

“A widely-held perception that he is not doing enough.”

“Long lost control of.”

“Unlawful, void and of no effect.”

“I wanted to flee; all of it.”

“Personality cults.”

“Reversed her reversal.”

“Deceitfully says.”

“Accession to – a position of power that ought to have been beyond his abilities.”

“Devastating judgment.”

“Thrives on chaos and instability.”

“Take place over a generation.”


“Refusal to provide.”

“Feel hopless about the future.”

“Stayed indoors, avoiding people.”

“Mad Toilet Man.”

“Carefully cultivated self-image.”

“How crap it is and how they didn't go anywhere or do anything.”

“Expert at complaining.”

'Batman '66' Quote:

“I will...never......ask mercy......of evildoers.”

'The Second Sleep' Quotes:

“Complain without cease!”

“A sin against history.”

“The tombstones and funerary monuments of a once-thriving civilisation of unimaginable sophistication that was felled with terrible and mysterious suddeness nearly a millennium ago.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Citizen science.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quote:

“Guzzle! Guzzle! Guzzle!”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Life of servitude.”

'South Park' Quote:

“Woke up saran wrapped to a tree.”

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