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Supernatural Season 4 Ep 20 Review

The Rapture

I’m sick of Castiel. He annoys me more than Jo and Bela combined. Sam continues to be clueless and I’m tired of Bobby. This ep sees Castiel’s vessel Jimmy free from his angelic overlord. He just wants to go home. Sam and Dean don’t bother to ponder the ethics of demons possessing people. Demons doing it = bad. Angels doing it = just fine apparently.

Jimmy doesn’t want to be Castiel’s host anymore. Sam doesn’t care he is too busy sucking down demon blood. Castiel is proven to be a jerk as he wrecks Jimmy’s family and steals his body not once but twice. Anna shows up again to annoy. This was predictable. Sam kills a demon and gorges on her blood in front of Dean and fails to see the problem in that. Neither Sam nor Dean care that Angels can possess humans for centuries or millennia. Poor Jimmy. Bobby and Dean lock Sam up in an intervention. I don’t care about any of this. I miss regular monsters and urban legends.

Best Lines:
“What’s the big demon problem?”
“You are.”
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