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Temple 1x02 + The Rook 1x02 + American Horror Story Apocalpyse 8x03 + Hawaii Five-0 9x13 Reviewed

Temple 1x02

This was intolerable and grinding. The doctor will not acknowledge defeat and acts in deeply disturbing ways. There is brazen meddling in this ineffective ep. There are macabre attiudes and callous disregard. This show is an abject failure. This is not a terrifying moral quagmire. There are toxic decisions. The doctor has no regret, apology or shame.

There is cheating and dodgy ethical and moral decisions. The doctor is irrationally mean as hell. There is bad acting. You don't care about the tragic event that completely changed the course of his life. There is accusatory yelling and a lazy narrative. The doctor is hyperfixated. There are unlikely character decisions and violent intent.

Ethical and moral obligations are ignored. I'm done with this show. Things are chronically uncertain and there is reckless behaviour. This has a cumulative impact and it is not riveting or entertaining. There is no remorse for activities engaged in. There are unwise choices and defiance of societal expectation.

Best Lines:

“You bastards!”

“We had a choice in this.”

“May not live.”

“How'd you feel?”

“Not great.”

“Never found.”

“How likely would she be to forgive you for something like this?”

Chapter 2

This is full of po-faced actorly outbursts. This is a famously awful take on a great book. This was banal and a colossal mistake. This was one note, clumsy and inconsistent. This was tedious and full of universally hostile twits.

Best Line:

“You people scare me.”

Forbidden Fruit

This was tepid. New boy is the boring antichrist. Why aren't all the candles in the bunker causing them to die of carbon monoxide poisoning? This was defective. People are ideologically opposed. The hellscape outside the bunker is seen. The antichrist cuts himself and gets his shirt off and bores and is startingly shambolic and gormless.

There are flashbacks to a character we don't care about. The devastating war is ignored. There is a fight and uncertainty and someone is a cyborg. There is rational fear and spiteful, self important idiots with few redeeming features. Cannibal survivors lurk and the burk from 8x01 is alive! There is no good sense, moderation or sanity just ridicule. Another carriage shows up with apples.

People are malicious and deceptive. Where did the burk from 8x01 go? Why didn't he set off the radiation alarm? There is deep antipathy and inherent absurdity and comically transparent untruthfulness and inept attempts to scare. People don't really seem to care that what one is never meant to witness has happened: the end of the world.

There is cruel injustice and deepening turmoil and this was abysmal. There is death and poison and puking and the witches from 'Coven' show up.

Best Lines:

“Cannibal attacks.”

“Someone trying to claw her way out.”

“Wipe me!”

“Rode through hell.”

“F**k up a one car funeral.”

“Made for that world.”

“Defile me anyway you like.”

“Shelter from the nuclear storm.”

“I never felt love.”

“Relentlessly boring.”

“I ran a nutrition blog before the war.”

“I'm having trouble with this.”

“Dark Phoenix.”

“Far too many to mourn.”

Ke Iho Mai Nei Ko Luna

The cast has totally changed. Danno is still a burk. Adam the jailbird mob boss is now on the Task Force?!? Reed Diamond guest stars. There is a murder in an undersea lab. This was hopelessly inept. Wonder Steve can free dive!

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