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Pandemica Issue 1 Reviewed

A bio weapon is unleashed by unknown people for unknown reason. As suspicious plague deaths rise, drama is stirred up. It's obvious who the POTUS is but his name is never uttered. The art is ugly. This was unsettling; full of ill opinion and malice. Things are going to go badly with the plague if the flashforward at the end is any indication. There's a storm on the horizon, manipulation by sinister figures, nasty angry baddies, motiveless complications and a stark ideological divide. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Should be made to wear signs warning people of what they are.”

“Never seen anything spread this fast.”

“Infection moving outward from a Patient Zero.”

“This isn't some deranged person with a chemisty set.”

“Deliberate and nefarious.”

“Someone is out there selling genocide.”

“Piss on your witness.”

“Within forty minutes of the accident. At night. In the rain.”

“Fourteen different unexplained epidemics.”

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